New Altitude Record Set for Customer Service!

Well fellow Rocketeers, i’ve seen a lot of good and bad customer service from miniature companies over the years. I used to have a site quite a few years ago before Geocities went to the Digital Davey Jones’s Locker where i did reviews of miniatures i had bought amongst other things (Supreme Martian Overlord’s Doom Filled Page of DOOM it was called) and back then I had everything from unsolicited review samples and people bending over backwards to ensure i was happy on the one hand to things never ever showing up in the post presumably never sent and nothing ever done about it on the other.

Well a few days ago my order to Hydra Miniatures arrived. And i must say they really take the cake. Hydra isn’t one of the big corporations in the miniature field so i was prepared for the kind of ordinary difficulties small companies can have. So when i heard a few items were out of stock and it might take a week before things got posted it was no worry at all, i have worse delays from ebay purcheses all the time. But the folks at Hydra are something else.

They let me know they have a local Australian affiliate Phoenix Forge in case i’d rather order from them rather than wait a wekk but i’d already made the order to Hydra so felt loyalty to that transaction besides i wanted a small number of the class 1 rockets and 1 class 2 from all 5 current factions while Phoenix Forge only have the class 1’s and 2’s in sets which would be great for building just one fleet but i wanted some of each faction so that i can have a try of each factions styles and so i can have up to 5 players giving the game a try at once. Besides, there isn’t a single War Rocket faction or design i don’t love so i’m wanting some of each anyway. I am also hoping my local game store Sleeping Dragon might start getting war rocket in too, i always try and support my local game store, but this purchase is timed for while i’m on holidays visiting my partner and my partners family and friends.

Then they went and threw in a few extra miniatures because of the delay! An extra Imperial Class 2 rocket, aka a Raptor which i’d mentioned to them is my favourite design as well as a couple of miniatures from their Retro Raygun and Primal Dawn lines! Then to top it all off they threw in some sweets in the package! Yep, lollies! Free miniatures and some lollies all because of a week-long delay in postage which i’d expect from most smnall companies anyway? And thats with me as an ordinary customer unlike back in the days when i had a review site? Hydra Miniatures, you just went right to the very top of my good list!


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