Draft scenario and customisation ideas (Or The Valley of the Terror-Dactyls!)

These are some ideas i had for some extra stuff for war rocket. They haven’t yet been tested for balance though.
The first comes from the scifi staple of the ‘weird alien pet’. From a heroic chimpanzee, a cute baby pink dragon to a horned porcine or a large finned serpent heroes and villains both often have a fiercely loyal pet.

Vicious Pet
Get them my pretty!

Your rocket captain has raised and trained or saved and befriended a vicious (whether cute or not) animal as a fiercely loyal protector. +20% when defending a boarding action +10% to boarding and to other special actions involving crew combat. +2 points per model

Imperial Princess Taegan says:
My fathers guards are fiercely loyal and well trained, but even more loyal and fierce is the viper-bat of the dark forests of the moon of Eth! And it’s venom is twice as deadly.. if the antidote isn’t adminstered in time.. and oh, i’m the only one with the antidote of course.

Galacteer Ace McGuire says: Yes yes he’s a chimpanzee. So what! That noble ape has pulled me through more scrapes than you can imagine and he’s more capable an engineer than half the greenshoes we are getting from the colony recruiters. Just don’t make a joke about a monkey with a monkey wrench or you’ll see the damage he can do! He’s strong enough to tear the arm right off a warbot and knock it’s head off with the sparking end when he gets angry. Besides, his name is Comet, the ride you pilot is called a Comet, think that’s a coincidence? Leave the chimp alone cadet, if you know what’s good for ya. Actually his full name is…. but hey.

The next idea is a rough attempt to make a good serial-style scenario

The Chase
The idea behind this scenario is to have a dynamic chase across the board through dangerous terrain.
Lets set the scene:

Last week our fearless hero and their gorgeous companion escaped from the Fortress of Despair after defeating the vicious Glarg-beast in the Labyrinth of Death and eluding the Fortress’s many wicked guards. But the Rockets of the enemy even now are in dogged pursuit and our noble hero takes desperate action, diving down recklessly low to try and elude the pursuers amongst the giant trees in the Jungle Valley of the Terror-Dactyls!

Terrain: lots! big jungle trees in large clusters that will need careful manoeuvering (and/or tall pines, rock spires, volcanos, weird ruins, masses of dense clouds or even asteroids will do) ideally with some tough cover and a lot of soft stuff.
Extra stuff: 4 counters to represent  pursuer reinforcement entry points. Several counters or better yet miniatures to represent the Terror-Dactyls (or Lava-men, Space-Bats, Electro-sky-jellyfish, Magno-mines or other cool threat that may be lurking in the terrain).

Setup: The two or more players take turns placing terrain till every square foot has at least something large in it. This could be done before deciding who will be the chased and who the chaser and you could flip a coin to see who gets to choose to be the hunter/hunted. The fleeing hero must travel from the corner of their choice to the opposite diagonal corner. After the fleeing character has chosen a starting corner the other player/s get to place up to 4 entry point counters for the pursuers entry points each must be at least 18 inches apart from each other and no closer than 18 inches to the fleeing rockets starting position either on a table edge or a terrain piece (where a parked rocket could be hidden or there could be a disguised entrance to an underground tunnel).

Small table dilemma: Got too small a table for this to work? Never fear! Just use this neat little trick: go small-end to small end rather than corner to corner and at the end of every turn move everything back 8 inches (or more/less if necessary) towards the back edge, everything including all the terrain. Those terrain pieces that leave the table get moved on up to 8 inches at the front edge (again each player alternates putting them on). Rockets that get dragged off the edge may return to the table in their phase from as close to the point they left at as possible.

Terrain rules: To represent the foolish desperate low-flying terrain-hugging and near-miss acrobatics the fleeing pilot is using to evade fire rather than the normal effects on shooting of terrain the following rules apply:
If a rocket is within 4 inches of a terrain piece of somewhat softness such as trees, clouds or small chunks of ice or small asteroids that is in the path of the shot at the rocket from the firer then take 1 hit counter off in the damage phase before making the damage roll. If the terrain piece is big thick and tough like weird ruins, mountains, volcanos, planetoids but smaller than the rocket targeted take 2 hits off but if the intervening object is larger than the target rocket then it blocks firing past it.

Players can choose to fly over (or under or even through) rather than around a terrain piece, but doing this upsets the Terror-Dactyls! Place a Terror-Dactyl counter on any rocket that moved over rather than around a terrain piece, this works just like an attack from Rocket Troopers from a class 2 rocket, with an important addition:

Cranky Terror-Dactyl’s Aren’t Fussy Eaters!
By Marduk, the fiends are on our hull too now!
If a rocket boards or rams or is rammed by or boarded by a rocket that is under attack from Terror-Dactyls it too will come under attack as they spread their attention and the noise draws more Terror-Dactyls to attack both rockets, treat this as a brand new rocket troops attack on the new rocket as the Terror-Dactyls that shift their attention to the new irritation get a new wind in their frenzy to bite and chew and claw their way into the rocket while the first Terror-Dactyl attack continues to run it’s course.

Entry counters: The pursuing player is calling in all nearby patrols to catch and stop the fleeing rocket. From the second turn onwards they can bring any of their rockets on from any entry point at any turn in the game, where they will move in the normal order for their speed. However only one rocket can use the same entry spot in each turn. You can bring in two rockets from two different points in the same turn, just not two from the same point in the same turn.

Imperial Commander says:
Coordinate your patrol ships to maximise their firepower but don’t put all your bets in a single attack or they might slip through your fingers and get away! Always try and cut off their escape route.

Forces: The fleeing player chooses one rocket of any type in their fleet Or their opponents! As some rockets have more manoeuverability or speed a cunning hero may choose to commandeer a rocket of the enemy rather than to take their own. The fleeing rocket may be custom (even if it belonged to the enemy fleet, after all why wouldn’t you take the enemies brand new custom if you got the chance!). The pursuer can choose up to 4 times the points of that rocket of any number of rockets but only one may be custom.

Victory Conditions: If the fleeing rocket escapes they win, if they don’t and the Pursuer has any rockets left then the pursuers capture the fugitives whether from a boarded rocket or the wreckage of a shot down one and the pursuers win, if the pursuers all got taken out too then it’s the Terror-Dactyls who win!


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