Painting the Fleets

So finally we got some time to start to put some colour onto our Galacteer and Imperial rockets.

My partner went with the Lightyear Brigade scheme and i went with a variation of the scheme from the rulebook cover.

And yep again the pics are just quick mobile phone camera shots my partner took but my old digital camera broke and i haven’t got a new one yet.

Each of the designs is distilled extract of awesome turned into a beam in a big black box of art and focused through a lens of pure style.

They say the Emperor Marduk demands all his fleets to be in some variation of red, gold and black while Imperial vassal ships have more varied colours. The Fleet of Princess Taegan is red and gold with blue glass, some say she is granted a leniency because she is Marduk’s favourite daughter while there is a saying, particularly among those who allege her mother was a Valkeeri, that says her heart is black enough to fulfil her whole fleets requirement for the colour! Though some rumours suggest this saying originated from someone close to Ace McGuire while in a fit of jealousy concerning the alleged flirtation that went on between Ace and Taegan during the time she had him briefly captured in the Verde Nebula before he and his companions made their escape that has since caught on amongst some of the other Galacteers who have faced her.

The War Rocket miniature range thus far is pretty unique in that i love every single piece they have released for it so far. There’s not one that i dislike at all. But of course i still have my favourites and that’s the Imperials, especially the Class 2 Raptor!

The Imperial Class 2 Raptor

The two days we got this much painting done on were quite hot making it difficult to get smooth coats. These were amongst the first miniatures painted by my partner who has only painted one of my tyranids before this. I’ve been painting for years but am waaay out of practice and was going more for gaming pieces rather than show work.

Still just a bit of citadel paint, a quick wash painted along panel lines and the depths of curves and a little bit of drybrushing to sharpen up the edges and make the highlights pop and already they are awesome.

The dreaded Galacteer Comet, Humanities greatest weapon feared across the galaxy. Their unmatched speed and tight manoeuverability should never be underestimated!

However it’s the Class 2 Supernova of the Lightyear Brigade that is my partners favourite, and i must admit it’s a very beautiful rocket. The Galacteer Rockets look as fast and agile as they play. Graceful, swift and deadly!

Gaming with these now they are painted will be a real treat! Now i just have to decide on the colour schemes i want the Valkeeri, Zenithians and the Space Pirates painted in and decide what kind of planets i want my Corsec planets to be painted as.

Que the dramatic theme music!


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