Skirmish 2, the Valkeeri Raiders!

And so we come to our second game. And we remembered to take some pictures!… halfway through the game.
This time we introduce a new player Tabitha, a friend of my partner with plenty of video gaming experience but only a single game of Monsterpocalypse in tabletop gaming.

We started off explaining the rules basics over a snack and got Tabitha used to the movement rules with a quick race of class 1s around a planet and back. Tabitha decided to use the Valkeeri, the man-enslaving space-amazons, based on liking their movement rules, i stuck with my Imperials and my partner again used the Galacteers. A handful of turns later and the Comets higher speed and smaller turning circle had it outpace and outmaneuver the Scorpion to blast accross the line first and the Valkeeri Siren came in last.

With movement now understood it was time for the atom-rays to start flying!
The race finished and when the Galacteers left to their regular patrols of the Imperial/Human border territories the Valkeeri rocket astro-phoned the raider fleet that the time was right to raid the planet, but they say the Eye of Marduk is all-seeing and the Fleet of Princess Taegan was sent on an intercept course!

The objective again was simple, to defeat all the enemy rockets while keeping at least one of your own intact.
The forces were 3 class 1s and a class 2 each.
The Imperium vs the Valkeeri.
Terrain was again a corsec planet and moon on a black plastic tablecloth but this time as we played at Tabitha’s rather than a dining table it was played on a pool table. To keep the cloth from slipping about my partner rather brilliantly tucked the cloth into the pockets of the pool table and used some of the balls to hold it in place!

Partway through the battle, that’s me on the left, note the careful tucking of the tablecloth to keep it flat on the pool table.. and the raygun just in case….

I was worried how the valkeeri would do with many of their weapons being straight-ahead fire rather than the forward arc most others have on their class 1s and 2s but in practice it wasn’t as big a problem as i was expecting. When it comes to Valkeeri vs Galacteers i think the Valkeeri will need to have some class 3s and 4s to deal with the class 1 Comets still as their speed, always moving after the Valkeeri Class 1 sirens and their tight turning will mean it will be difficult for Sirens to land hits on Comets but when it came to my Scorpions and the larger imperial turning circle (having to move 4 inches forward for every turn, twice that of Galacteers) the difficulty for me in turning around in a loop once they were close meant that getting out of their line of fire usually meant losing my own too.

Some concentrated Imperial fire took out one of the Valkeeri class 1 Siren, first blood to Princess Taegan’s fleet in Emperor Marduk’s name!

Again my Raptor took much of the fire, functioning as a hit-soak as it held together through blast after blast and surviving through being stunned while a second Siren met destruction. Alas when the Valkeeri Class 2 Fury  pulsed right overhead then spun round and blasted the Raptor right in the engines while surviving the blasts of my 3 class 1 Scorpions the Raptor’s armour of fine craftsmanship and rare exotic alloys finally failed and it was out of the fight. But unlike my last game with it’s nasty run of 1s and 2s on my d10 i had a much better run of luck. Tabitha missed a couple of good rolls falling just short of stuns or destroys and i got two 10s right when i most needed them. Clearly the public executions for incompetence following the trouncing the Galacteers handed out has vastly improved the performance of the imperial gunners.

This is shortly after my Raptor was taken out, it was right in front of where all the Scorpions are pointed and it’s partway through the next turn where the Fury has just moved over the top and spun about but it’s before my Scorpions get their movement.

Dramatic Recreation

This is actually a swift dramatic recreation of the destruction of the Raptor despite the Scorpions racing to defend it from the attack from behind, it was just after the Fury moved in the next turn that we remembered to start taking pics and i felt bad not having any of the raptor so i put it back where it had been and put the two hits on it the Fury did to it, but i didn’t repose The Fury due to still being in play

After the Valkeeri Fury took down the Imperial Raptor the Scorpions swung about to get their revenge! One scorpion, attempting to circle about had to spend a turn well away from the action while the other two close on the fury…

You can see how the wide-turning-circle of Imperial thruster-movement has left one Scorpion off quite a bit to the side this turn. We left the hit tokens in place after putting the stunned token results on for the photo.

Here’s the same moment from a less tactical and more cinematic angle. Even unpainted these miniatures really capture atmosphere brilliantly and I’m very happy with my choice to grab the Litko tokens.

The results of the round of fire is a stun apiece, the class 2 fury and one of the scorpions spending the next turn immobile and more vulnerable… The Scorpion weathered the next rounds blasting but the fury was taken out.

Any surviving Valkeeri women aboard the wrecked rocket will find themselves enslaved by the men (and women) of the imperium they had hoped to have as slaves!

At the last there was one remaining Valkeeri Siren and two Scorpions. The Valkeeri decided to blast away from the scorpions towards the planet hoping to pass between the planet and it’s moon so the larger turning circles of the imperial rockets might force them to fight one at a time giving the Valkeeri a fighting chance… but it was not to be, the deadly machines catching the Valkeeri rocket before it could get to the cover of the world below and unleashed their atomic fury on the emperors enemies.

The Valkeeri Siren’s mad dash to the planet for cover is cut short as the Scorpions descend on it in a flurry of atomic rays

And a few more shots just cause it looks so cool.

This one is giving me some nifty ideas for a future scenario….

Can’t you just hear the pew-pew sound effects?

Victory to the Empire!
Hail Marduk!
(actually it was a very friendly non-competitive fun game with handshakes all round at the end, but whats a tyrannical empire’s victory without some evil laughter and megalomania?)

Wait.. what’s that navigator? What do you mean “Captain Lightyear approaching”?


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