Another Draft Scenario: The Prisoner

Following on from my, still as yet untested, valley of the terror-dactyls scenario i’ve been thinking more about other serial-style scenarios that could work well in war rocket.

So here is my latest draft idea

The Prisoner

Setting the scene:
Last week our fearless hero and their faithful companions managed to capture the fearsome 2nd in command of the enemy forces. They head now for the prison station Van Dieman unaware that an enemy fleet is on an intercept course bent on rescuing their officer meanwhile the cunning prisoner is working on an escape plan of their own! Will they get the drop on our fearless hero?

Terrain: Any. Whatever suits both players

Forces: Any of equal points. However the player starting holding the prisoner must use a counter to show which rocket holds the prisoner, it should be a class 2, 3 or 4 rocket and should be prestigious, meaning that if the player is fielding any custom rockets the prisoner should be on one of the custom rockets.

Galacteer Comander Says: I have plenty of faith in my rookie captains but i’m not about to take chances on a captive this important or this dangerous, i’m keeping an eye on them myself!

Set-up: The mission is one of interception, the player starting with the prisoner chooses one table corner to be their starting point. In the first turn all their fleet moves on from this corner. Their objective is to take the prisoner off the opposite corner of the table. The Rescuers objective is to rescue the prisoner and return them back off the table corner they were brought in from. For the first turn they are alone on the battlefield. Starting turn two the rescuing fleet’s ships may enter from any point on the table edge that is no further behind the first fleet than the rearmost rocket (so they can enter from beside the fleet but not behind it).

Zenithian Comander Says: Obtaining specimens of the ‘Leader’ varieities is at times less difficult than transporting them to a place of detailed examination. Do not relax vigilence or we may face attempts to prevent us from examining this ones brain for the crucial formula needed for the McGuffinator device to work properly in this space/time.

Special rules: Both sides want the prisoner alive so any attack made against the rocket carrying the prisoner must be a strike to stun only. Rules for the prisoner follow

The Prisoner
Lookout they have a raygun!
The prisoner has a concealed miniature raygun or similar weapon they have had all along or pick-pocketed from a guard and during a moment of confusion they will strike! If the rocket carrying the prisoner is boarded the boarding forces get +10% to their attempt due to the assistance of the prisoner. If the rocket is stunned by a rocket which is destroyed in the same turn, by damage from an asteroid field or landing attempt where a boarding action is not imminent the prisoner will try and capture the rocket themselves! Treat this as a boarding action as if from a class 2 rocket as the desperation of the prisoner lends them strength and as they catch their captors off-guard. However, if the prisoner suceeds this action by themselves they gain control of the rocket! This rocket now is under the control of the enemy until it is successfully re-boarded.

Valkeeri Commander Says: Whatever the enemy you can be sure they will be too distracted to give as gorgeous a creature as one of my officers a truly effective search. It’s never difficult to keep at least one weapon within reach for the right moment.

Rescued/Escaped Prisoner
The Tables Have Turned Mua-Ha-HaHaHaaaaaaa
Once rescued or having managed to take over the captors rocket the prisoner will take a prisoner or prisoners of their own! So if the prisoner counter is moved to a rescuing rocket or the captor rocket has changed hands whatever rocket has the prisoner counter remains subject to the Prisoner special rule! In this manner a stolen rocket may be retaken by their own captive crew or multiple boarding actions might see the prisoners changing hands repeatedly with each prisoner assisting the boarding action.

Imperial Commander Says: Now you are all my prisoners and i’m sure Princess Taegan and Emperor Marduk will be pleased when i return with both you and your rocket in my power! Mua-Ha-HaHaHaaaaaa!

Victory Conditions: The game ends as soon as the captive is taken off either corner of the table. If through excessive risk taking the rocket carrying the prisoner is destroyed (spending too much time in asteroid fields, eaten by Terror-Dactyls etc) then both sides immediately lose.

Space Pirate Commander Says: You are Number Six…

Note that if it’s a campaign game that prisoners in rockets that are destroyed are subject to the additional rule:

Cliffhanger escape!
But i swear we saw them die last week!
In any campaign, like any serial, the favourite heros and villains always manage to come back. They leap from the rocket at the last minute before the crash, they only pretended to be shot when the gun missfired or missed, they were only mildly electrocuted, the person who died was actually someone/something else disguised as them, they had secretly made themselves immune to fire/disintegration/bullets earlier using their scientific genius, they did die but got revived by a revivatron-ray machine or with the sacred gasses in the temple of the mysterious cave-dwelling tribe on the planet/moon/asteroid below.  If a character dies it is the owning players choice whether or not they are actually dead. If the player is unable to decide whether or not the character should live they may allow their opponent to choose (who doesn’t have a favourite villain?) the player may also choose to allow a games audience or refereee to decide via vote (thumbs up and thumbs down hand gestures of course!) or put it to the whim of a dice roll.


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