The Galacteer Code and the Imperial Creed

In attempts to ensure that in all things the Galacteers represent the most noble traits of humanity Galacteer Rocket Captain Autry created the Galacteer Code. While currently informal and unofficial it has grown in popularity amongst the idealistic Galacteers eager to bring progress and peace and justice to the galaxy and within humanity.

1. The Galacteer must never shoot first unless with proper authority and fair warning, hit a smaller/weaker being except in neccessary self-defence, use any force or amount of force where it is not neccessary or take unfair advantage.
2. The Galacteer must never go back against their word, or a trust confided in them and must always give an enemy a chance to become a friend and a criminal a chance to reform.
3. The Galacteer must strive to be truthful always, resorting to subterfuge only when absolutely required.
4. The Glacteer must be gentle with the vulnerable such as children, the elderly and animals.
5. The Galacteer must never advocate or possess intolerant ideas whether about race, species, religion, gender or anything similar.
6. The Galacteer must help those in distress, fight for the rights of all sentiences, defend the vulnerable, question invalid authority and free the enslaved.
7. The Galacteer must strive to do their all in all things to the best of whatever ability they have.
8. The Galacteer must strive to be healthy in mind, speech, actions and body.
9. The Galacteer must respect the rights and autonomy of others as well as the decisions and rules and laws of all valid authority.
10. The Galacteer must patriotically defend humanity and carry out all the duties of good citizenship.

(this is based on the Cowboy Code by Singing Cowboy, star of film and radio Gene Autry )

Some of those rescued from capture by the Empire of Marduk have mentioned the Imperial Creed, a somewhat similar yet drasticly different code. It is said to say:

*Always obey Marduk
* Follow the directions of those above you carrying out his wishes
* Act with honor and strength that people may know the strength and power of him by his servents acting in his name
* Conquer the weak in the name of Marduk that they may know protection in his strength, guidance in his wisdom and grow strong in his care
* Strength of body has no use without strength of mind and a strong mind may do nothing without strength of body, anyone lacking in one may find it in another.
* Each has their place, let them find it with their strengths and fullfill their role with all of that strength
* In obedience we shed our weaknesses and increase our strengths
* Hail Marduk!

Critics have of course condemned the Imperial creed as the usual propaganda of Tyrants. It is said that during the incident in the Caverns of Yo-Go where the the Imperial Princess Taegan and her troops were forced to join forces with Commander Lightyear of the Lightyear Brigade against first the Zenithian Saucermen and then the Robot Legion imediately after that much of the time not spent fighting was taken up with at times fierce debate about the merits and philosophies of these two creeds.

Commander Lightyear considers it promising that after the conflict the Princess declared the Tribal Dinosaur-men’s world would be given two years grace from her attacks to “Try and grow strong enough not to need the Emperors protection by being able to resist her next visit when the time is up” and considers that a sign that some of his points might have started to reach her. However others have suggested that this small token might as easilly be a sign of her growing attraction to Comander Lightyear, that the debate was more flirtation and chemical tension and the change a result of that rather than a successful inroad into her ideological stance. Still, many cling to hope that one day peace and friendship may one day be achieved and some say that were the Princess to suceed her father on the throne that the chances of peace would be greater.


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