New Construction at Imperial Star-port

The fleet of Princess Taegan is growing swiftly with a huge construction project underway.

My local game store The Sleeping Dragon just got in a nice big mass of War Rocket stock so i rushed in and fell upon the shelves like a starving viper-bat.

Everything was tempting, eventually i want to get a decent sized fleet of every faction. But for now my wallet screamed at me to focus on my beloved Imperial fleet. So first thing grabbed.. the Class 3 Gryphon. Then an Imperial Squadron to get my fleet size up tremendously. Then i noticed they had a class 4 Manticore, into the pile that went followed by another Gryphon. A Valkeeri class 3 was tempting me, my goodness that’s a beautiful machine seeing it in the resin, but i managed to resist because beside the War Rocket stock was some Retro Raygun stock! No Queen Mechanika alas but some of the girls were there and i snapped up Galacteer Jane Hunter and the pointing Valkeeri leader. I’m hoping that Imperial Retro Raygun miniatures will come out whe the rules are released, otherwise i’m going to have to choose between Valkeeri and Robot Legion till they do (though i’ll be buying a few of them anyway).

So i already have assembled one of my Gryphons and the Manticore. I drilled the holes for the stands a bit deeper to get a fairly good fit without having to glue or pin them. Though i haven’t glued on yet the Manticore Turret, i’m still trying to choose between pointing it forward, backward or at a diagonal angle. I contemplated using a magnet to attach it as i’ve done that on lots of my Warhammer 40,000 Tyranids  but it’s such a small part it might get easilly lost so i think gluing in place will be in order.

These are awesome miniatures and i really am looking forward to painting them. The local store is having a big card-game release thing this saturday though so there’s no saturday game report this week.


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