Images of Imperial reinforcements fill propaganda news-streams

Imperial reinforcements ready for their coating of atom-ray refracting paints and electro-coated precious metals

I managed to use my webcam to take some (as usual blurrry) pics of the expansion for my Imperial fleet.

Here you can see the comparative sizes of the four different classes of rocket.

The designers did a great job of ensuring each faction has a unifying theme and style while ensuring each rocket class has it’s own character.

An ominous view for any of the Empires enemies!

Once painted up, even with a very basic paintjob, the class 3 Gryphons and the Class 4 Manticore will be stunning pieces.

The top view shows how truly huge and imposing these rockets are!

For the photos i perched them on the nearest large book i had at hand, which turns out to be rather appropriate. The influence in design is undeniable (after all what hasn’t been influenced by Alex Raymonds art? Scifi and comics still show his influence today!) but still the Imperial rockets have a distinct style that merges several influences together into a single unified look.

The full size of the reinforcement fleets are revealed!

This doesn’t include the already painted 3 class 1s and class 2 as well as an undercoated but not yet painted class 2.


Astute Rocketeers will have noticed the gleaming skull-mask. I picked it up for a song coming up to halloween. It seems very imperial, beautiful, fierce, frightening and golden. I picture this as the facemask of the helmets of Imperial police, elite guards or special forces. And doesn’t it look happy!

Princess Taegan’s fleet.

I still haven’t glued the turret on yet but have it blu-tacked facing backwards. I have to make a definate decision on that soon.

Let those who oppose the will of Marduk tremble!


2 comments on “Images of Imperial reinforcements fill propaganda news-streams

  1. Thanks!
    I’m considering giving a class 1 and a class 2 a distinctive colour scheme for donoting custom rockets but i haven’t decided what that will be or whether i will go with a marking of some kind. Otherwise they’ll all be done the same as my earlier painted mini post.

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