Santa the Conquerer and the Pod People

There’s something strange on the streets of Toowoomba.. for a rural city it has some straaange looking buildings…

Clearly a device for communication with Mars, or maybe even for matter teleportation or opening wormholes!

With a strange history over the decades.

And the local council has 3 approaches, the normal stairs and the wheelchair access ramp…. but then we spot some strange grilled recesses with a cluster of different sized spheroid beings lined up in an orderly que…

What manner of beings are these?

What manner of beings are these?

And why do they have so much bussiness with the city council?

And why do they have so much bussiness with the city council?

Of course we had to be there to see the visit of Santa in his christmassy rocket-pod…

Pretty sweet bubble-dome craft you have their Santa, such good climate control the snow isn't melting inside when it's 34degrees C. outside!

Pretty sweet bubble-dome craft you have there Santa, such good climate control the snow isn’t melting inside when it’s 34degrees C. outside!

Rocketpod? Guess he must have got it when he conquered Mars (note this is the full-length dramatic recreation of the historical event)

Look at the triumphant all-conquering hero.. hey that's some pretty heavy security you have Santa, whats with the pointy metal fence.. and the rocket.. did you think it unsafe to bring Rudolf? What's going on around here?

Look at the triumphant all-conquering hero.. hey that’s some pretty heavy security you have Santa, whats with the pointy metal fence.. and the rocket.. did you think it unsafe to bring Rudolf? What’s going on around here?

Clearly Santa is concerned and checking the place out. He clearly is suspicious too. There’s definately some sort of malign alien prescence here…

And then we see it, right there in plain sight in the middle of the town…

Pods! Alien PODS! They're here! They're HERE!

Pods! Alien PODS! They’re here! They’re HERE!

Great no more sleep till we find out if these are that kind of alien pods.

On closer inspection we see the pods are being cooled or fed…. by a huge melting block of stone!

melting stone for the benefit of alien pods, not the sort of thing you see every day!

melting stone for the benefit of alien pods, not the sort of thing you see every day!

That’s some impressive technology, sure hope they are friendly or at least peacefull…

Considering Santa’s involvement i decided to check the historical documents for any other alien conflicts in Santa’s neck of the woods and found this:

Contacting the authorities they sent this old poster from the office of Dan Dare

Gee, thanks.

So keep your rockets reactors warm and ready to go at a moments notice. Keep those stun-ray-projectors within reach and stay tuned to Tesla’s broadcasts. We’ve sent word to Atomic Robo and the Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne.

Yeah that’s right bloodthirsty alien vegetables, THE Atomic Robo!

So don’t worry Santa, we got your back!


War Rocket Battle at Planet X

And this time we have photos!

Finally my Imperail dice (a gemini red and purple d10 with gold letters from Chessex dice) gets shown

Finally my Imperial dice (a gemini red and purple d10 with gold letters from Chessex dice) gets shown

So as it’s christmas time i’m spending the holiday period with family.
My brother Rohin is actually one of the reasons i play war rocket, as it was he who first pointed out Hydra Miniatures website and range to me. While he’s not much into the miniature hobby these days while he was he kept much more of an eye on the smaller miniature companies and ranges so has often been able to point me in the direction of ranges that fit my interests, so when i was talking about old scifi styles and discussing scifi serials and early tv shows he linked me to Hydra, and though it was over a year before i finally had the combination of money, focus, time and the mood for trying a new game (with monsterpocalypse drying up and my Tyranid army reaching a size that doesn’t need much more expanding except for new releases and wanting another fast and agile game without current 40ks huge unwieldy armies) that led to me diving headlong into the game we’d been talking about the superb miniatures for a long time.

So of course getting to spend some time with my brother in the offline world (though we are regularly online in the superhero MMO world of Champions Online) i just had to get him to give War Rocket a try! ๐Ÿ™‚ The day was far too hot for wargaming in the kitchen so we had been in the loungeroom in front of the cooler playing videogames and well into the night we were preparing to watch a dvd when a storm blew up as it often does around here (last year there was a magnificent storm full of huge arcs and forks of bright pink lightning!) so we had to unplug the sensitive electrics, so despite the late hour to start we decided it was an ideal time for his first game of War Rocket!

He was tempted by both Zenithians and Space Pirates but decided to try the Zenithians. Because i currently only have 1 class 2 and 3 class 1 Zenithians we went with those and a matching Imperial force for me.

Remembering that he’d given me his old 3.1 megapixel digital camera and he had a nice shiny high-powered one we both grabbed a camera each and took some pics.

Oh my goodness! A pic on the blog taken with a decent camera!

The battlefield was to be quite nostalgic, being played on the dining room table, a big old cedar table that was originally Grandma’s under which i used to play when i was tiny and which was also the first table i wargamed upon in my early teens. So we shifted the tea set and other stuff off to one side and put one of my corsec planets on the table (i really need to figure out how to paint them soon) and he suggested using a tiny old brass incense burner as a space station orbiting the planet. Planet X he declared it was “because every planet is called Planet X!”

So laughing from the start i explained the movement system and other basic rules and we began. Against the Zenithians my Raptor, the slowest rocket on the table, would always be moving first and the zenithians class 2 moves along with the clas 1s. So i moved up my class 2 and then it was Rohin’s turn to move his whole force onto the table… with a delightful ‘earth vs the flying saucers’ mockery wobble and an excellent impersonation of a theremin his forces headed towards the planet! And i cracked up some more! So we started with our rockets in quite nice neat formation, then on to the next turn.


Enemy sighted!

The Imperial Raptor in all it's glory (and a couple of paint scratches i need to fix up)

The Imperial Raptor in all it’s glory (and a couple of paint scratches i need to fix up)

After the Raptor started to head to the planets left I moved two of my class 1 Scorpions to support it and the third to the right (against the Zenithians i figured that i should try a notion i’d been pondering for a while of trying to have my scorpions moving in a kind of mirrored s-curve snaking attack pattern to try and have some rockets covering the tails of the others with the Raptor covering the flanks, an attack pattern i’m calling ‘the hydra’ appropriately enough… but of courseย  this neat idea somewhat fell apart as i reacted to the movement of the saucers in the next turn.


Preparing to hit the enemy from both sides…

The opposing fleets make contact and…. the order phase dice-off leaves me at the saucers mercy hardly able to strike back! They focus on the Raptor with one strike on the Scorpion that was on it’s own The atomic rays project.. and the scorpion is stunned! It’s pilot desperately trying to seal a leak off of the oxygen or a dangerous overload in the reactor so the rocket is drifting unable to move or fight for a turn, vulnerable.

So much for Plan A!

So much for Plan A!
Also note the transparent green d10, my dedicated Zenithian d10

A nice dramatic shot of the action!

A nice dramatic shot of the action!

Again i had to try and cover where the saucers might go (and thus ensure they wouldn’t be there) and get myself into a good position for the next turn. I kept the Raptor stationary to take a delayed action turn if a target didn’t present itself and rather than pour fire into the stunned scorpion one class 1 Alpha-z shifted just a little out of my arcs to blast it again while the rest of the saucers stayed in behind the Raptor to try and overwhelm the toughest Imperial rocket.

The Saucers close in the Imperial Raptor!

The Saucers close in on the Imperial Raptor!

Both rockets survived! And the Imperial forces swept in to strike! The Raptor used the delayed action phase to leap in and blast one of the saucers, but the gunner must have been over-eager or the saucer pilot too good at dodging and the attack did nothing.

A great move.. but the dice did not approve.

A great move.. but the dice did not approve.

Everyone wheeled into attack positions and we ended up with a neat line-up, though the Raptor wasn’t able to get to the action. We divied up the blasts concentrating as best we could.. the Imperial weathered the atomic storm due to the thickness and extravagance of it’s heavy precious-metal armour, but the agile, fragile, zenithian craft was sundered!




The clone-troops of the extra-dimensional invasion went in for revenge sweeping in behind one of the scorpions and covering it in an overload of their energy beams. The rocket wasn’t destroyed but it was stunned! Tumbling out of control!

They're on my tail! They're on my tail!

They’re on my tail! They’re on my tail!

Again i lost the order phase roll. While the scattered imperial rockets began to regroup and follow the ultra-agile saucers to the other side of Planet X they swept to the flank of the drifting Scorpion well out of range of the nearest active atom-projector and mercilessly and methodically with overwhelming atomic energy undid the craftsmanship of it’s construction!

Hold on, we're on our way! Hold on!... oh damn.

Hold on, we’re on our way! Hold on!… oh damn.

So the toll on each side was even now, and the very late hour was starting to take it’s toll as the yawning had begun. The Zenithians kept up the attack, with ‘woo-woo’ noises accompanying their movement they blasted into the flank of the Raptor.. but again it’s thick master-crafted armor shrugged off the barrage.

Again the Zenithians blast the Raptor point-blank with all they can and again the mighty rocket endures!

Again the Zenithians blast the Raptor point-blank with all they can and again the mighty rocket endures!

Being both sleepy we contemplated at what point to finish up, but we decided at least one more turn was needed, so we decided to go on.

The Raptor sat still, if it was going to get to strike it’d be with a delayed action phase if the game went another turn after this one. The Saucers went next and moved well behind the Raptor out of range and facing towards my approach! (a very good move on my brothers part, and i complimented him on it) The devious inhuman fiends!

My scorpions were willing to brave the incoming rays from the defensively positioned saucers. I swooshed them past the stationary Raptor and headlong into the guns of the saucermen, staying neatly out of the higher firepower of the class 2 Beta-z and the 4 class 1 rockets traded blows each concentrating on one of the enemy.

Trading final blows for the outcome of the battle...

Trading final blows for the outcome of the battle…

We decided the damage phase should determine the outcome of the game, in hindsight this had me in a good position with my higher armour and so better odds. Simultaneously our dice tumbled across the table….. Double Stun!

Traveler DC 140

A draw!

A most appropriate ending for a fun late-night game. Presumably some sort of dangerous cosmic conditions rendered the fight unable to be continued and each force towed their disabled rocket out of the system or abandoned it to cosmic forces to regroup, reinforce and fight again when conditions were favourable. Whats is this cosmic force, what secret is held by the mysterious Planet X… we’ll try and make one up for the next game ๐Ÿ˜€

A nice shot of the class 1 Zenithian Alpha-z. with a (scratched) white undercoat. I really need to paint these up!

A nice shot of the class 1 Zenithian Alpha-z. with a (scratched) white undercoat. I really need to paint these up!

And a great pic of my painted Imperial Class 1 Scorpions

And a great pic of my painted Imperial Class 1 Scorpions

Another great fun game even though we got too sleepy to run it to the last rocket soaring!

War Rocket CAD designs

Over at Commander Mudpie’s awesome blog there are some great images of the CAD designs used to create War Rocket’s exquisite miniatures. Definately a must-see for Rocketeers and fans of retro design.

UPDATE: After I asked about a CAD image of my favourite design the Imperial Class ii Raptor Commander Mudpie posted it too here

Thanks Commander Mudpie!

Laughing Ferret’s Battle Report

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the war rocket battle report on Laughing Ferret’s blog. For both a great impression of the game and some beautiful pics of fantasticly painted rockets! I particularly like the quick bit of photoshop to remove the stands in the pics.

Laughing Ferret’s miniature painting is inspiringly beautiful!

Another Draft Scenario: The Stolen Rocket aka Which One’s Our Hero?

Having fought through the Valley of the Terror-Dactyls and defeated the dread sky-beast of Volcanopolis our fearless hero and their companions are returning back to base with the enemies vital secret plans in a stolen enemy rocket. But what’s this? An enemy fleet heading right at the base to destroy it? What else is there to do but to join the enemy fleet untill the right moment to strike.. but will their friends back at base realise whose side they are on?

Continuing my, all as yet utterly untested, series of serial-style scenario ideas for War Rocket is another classic notion, that of the hero in the stolen ship and the danger they face from their friends as well as their foes as they try to change the tide of battle and carry out a vital mission.

We have to get these plans back to base, if there is a base left to get back to…
Moderate or Mild amount of terrain
This may take place in a planets atmosphere or in space. A counter or model of a fortress, perhaps it’s a building or an asteroid or it may be a spot on a moon or planet (in which case use a counter on the appropriate side so everyone knows where on the moon or planet it is). This should be in the centre line positioned 1/3rd of the way from the defending players table edge.

An attack fleet? Let them come, our guns will answer them!
Players decide on a mutually acceptable points value
The defender may spend up to half their points on gun emplacements
The attacker gains an extra 25 construction points (the value of a class 2 rocket and a gallant captain)

Wait till they are in range then launch all squadrons!
The defender may place their gun emplacements if there are any anywhere on the board they wish, though they will probably want some within 6 inches/3 hexes of the fortress (see below). The defender then may deploy any or all of their force. However they may leave some (or even all) in reserve, these reserves may launch from the base at any turn moving off from the base in the order step appropriate for their class.. it is a base after all. Once the defender has deployed all the rockets they intend to then the game starts, the attackers move their rockets on from their table edge.

Special Rules:

The Fortress
Your new home away from home space cadets.
The Fortress doesn’t cost any points. The Fortress is built deep inside an asteroid, deep underground, or is built entirely from nearindestructanium and would take more than even a fleets firepower to destroy directly so it must be taken on foot, the Fortress can only be taken by boarding and it counts as stunned only if there are no undestroyed gun emplacements within 6 inches/3 hexes.

The Stolen Rocket

Who has shot?
None of ours would shoot on their own people!
One of the attackers class 1 or 2 rockets will turn out to be actually one of the defenders heros in a stolen machine, neither the attacker or defender will know which it is till they reveal themselves. Because of course the hero won’t be shooting their own people it will be important to keep track of which rocket has shot and which hasn’t so the attackers class 1 and 2 rockets should start the game with a counter (maybe a little piece of torn paper if none are handy) whenever a class 1 or 2 rocket fires after placing the hit counters then remove the hasn’t-fired-yet counter

If the attacker is attempting to attack with all of or the remainder of the class 1 and 2 rockets that haven’t yet shot then before they remove the haven’t-fired-yet counters as this forces the defenders hand the defender must nominate a rocket as the hero and roll as detailed below, once the stolen rocket has been identified remove that rockets attack counter (as they have deliberately missed of course!). However do not remove any hits if there are any from the defender on the stolen rocket! In this case either the defender will have to not shoot back at all so they don’t shoot down their hero or they will have to shoot the enemy and just hope they don’t shoot down the hero!

Who is who?
Wait, that’s them! Don’t shoot! That’s them!
At any turn in any phase the defender may decide the hero is making their move, the defender should nominate a class 1 or 2 enemy rocket that has not yet shot, if more than one rocket has not yet shot then roll a d10, on a 10 the first nominated rocket is the stolen rocket, if not the defender may nominate another class 1 or 2 rocket that has not yet shot and the roll to see if it is the stolen rocket has a cumulative +1 bonus so the target is a 9 or 10, this continues to accumulate +1 per nomination until either the defender is successful or there is only one class 1 or 2 rocket which has not yet shot left in which case that is the stolen rocket. This rocket now changes side and works for the defender, it also gains the Gallent Captain customisation

The Secret Plans
Many good agents died to get the plans for this secret weapon
To deliver the secret plans the stolen rocket must dock with the base for one turn, however the base hanger has a special forcefield or huge nearindestructanium doors or the entrance is inside the mouth of a huge stone statue making it hard to hit a docked rocket so rockets docked/docking ignore the first two hit counters they receive each dmage phase. After docking and unloading the secret plans the stolen rocket can return to the fight!

What price Victory?
A moments silence for their brave sacrifice
There are really two battles at once here, and it’s entriely possible for a side to win one and lose the other.
If the attacker returns having (apparently) killed (as always favourite heros survive cliffhanger endings and the best villains always return) or captured the enemies hero and prevented the defender getting the secret plans then even if they didn’t destroy the base their masters will be quite pleased, while even if the hero escapes with the plans the destruction of such an important base is enough to consider it still a victory as it was what the fleet was originally ordered to accomplish. So rather than counting it a draw if one goal is achieved just count it both as having a win if each side achieves one goal and a double win or double loss otherwise.

Choosing when the hero should make their move will be difficult for the defender, do it too early and the hero will be amidst the enemy and shot to pieces, wait too late and their own side may shoot them down or forego needed shooting to avoid taking them out.

Hopefully this should give a tense and exciting game. I do wonder if perhaps a turn limit might be an idea to make attempts to storm the fortress even more tense even if the defenders have lost all their rockets and gun emplacements. Or whether the attacker should receive 50 points instead of 25. I’ll have to get around to testing these scenarios to figure it out. If anyone else tries these please do give some feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishlisting about future Hydra releases

Hydra is a small company, so understandably they release things at a slower pace than the big companies and so have a smaller range. So i totally expect much of what i am about to list to be unfeasable and most is likely unrealistic. It’s just about what i’d love to see come out for War Rocket and Retro Raygun with little regard to practicality, which is of course what wishlisting is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

War Rocket:

* Gun Emplacements (small resin dome like an astronomical observatory with some retro scifi detailing that should fit any faction with a choice of three sizes of metal raygun barrels, the two unused would be great for customising rockets)

* A Freighter for each faction,

* A (civilian/slave/troop) Transport Rocket for each faction

* Custom Rocket Conversion Kit (simple small pieces to add to rockets that are easy to glue to any spare surface on a rocket such as existing class 4 gun turrets, Galacteer wing thrusters, Imperial thrusters, some generic nozzles, guns, ramspikes)

* War Rocket scale Rocket Troops (3+ 6mm scale figures in flying pose attached to a base by long plumes of smoke to use as a counter to show a rocket is under Rocket Troop attack)

* Zenithian Mothership Conversion Kit (Zenithian style decorative pieces such as rocket exhaust ports, guns, generators, domes, docking port etc to turn any plastic plate, bowl, frisbee or similar into a Zenithian Mothership)

* Space Station Detail Kit (some more generic retro scifi detail pieces similar to mothership idea to make it easy to build space stations from common household items like plastic bottles and plastic jars or blocks of balsa or polystyrene etc)

* Imperial decorative kit (several small art-deco dragon-gryphons, dragon-gryphon snarling heads and tower-tops for decorating home-made Imperial towers,ย  ziggurats, bases stations and gun turrets, and could even be put on a class 3 or 4 rocket)

* Big retro-scifi Space/Flying Monster/s

* Terror-Dactyls ๐Ÿ˜€

* Mysterious Derelict (Class 3 size resin and metal Rocket of a generic style, with significant damage and showing a little exposed internal detail from a rent in its hull, that attaches to the stand at an angle to look more floating)

* Space Torpedos in the cool war rocket retro styling

Retro Raygun:

* Emperor Marduk himself

* Imperial Vassal Troops, these would be figures in Imperial uniforms both male and at least one female, with seperate heads and optional back pieces some with tails to make: Dragon-Men (Dragonish head, wings-and-tail backpiece), Worm-men (worm head, worm tail), Cat-Men (cat head, cat tail), Ape-Men (ape head) and generic backpacks for those that don’t have special ones. These could be got with one of each head/back variation in a pack or packs of all the same sort.

* Galacteer Alien Recruits, as above and compatible with above with Galacteer uniforms both male and at least one female and compatible with the above to make: Lion-men (lion head, tail), Bird-men (Head, Wings), Frog-Men (head), Squid-men (head)

* Animal-men part packs for mixing and matching

* Imperial Princess (of course ๐Ÿ™‚ )

* Imperial Commander

* Imperial Troops

* Imperial Guards (more ornately garbed Imperial bodyguards for high-ranking leaders and specialย  characters)

* Imperial Rocket-Troops (attached to base by plume of smoke resin piece)

* Several ferocious Alien Pets (such as bat-winged serpent, unicorn-horned big-cat, big retro style Alex Raymondish lizard, strange floating furry thing, deceptively cute baby dragon)

* Galacteer Women Troops (as not only wont they let the men get all the fun, they sure wont let the Valkeeri just waltz in and steal all the best looking men either, and many women will be immune to the Valkeeri charms, so a few more non-character Galacter women would be nice to mix through the current guys)

* Zenithians

* Zenithian Androids (robots of a different style to the legion)

* Zenithian Infiltrators (pod-people! Pod-People!)

* Valkeeri’s enslaved men servants

* Princess for Rescuing (should come in three poses, one in chains still captured, one escaping in running pose, one looking all regal for escort rather than rescue missions)

* Prince for Rescuing (because it’s not always Princesses that need rescuing, because romantic love interests might be princes or princesses, because if you are rescuing royalty captured by the Valkeeri they are much more likely to have taken the Prince than the Princess etc, poses as above)

* Galacteer, Imperial and Valkeeri civilian packs, (VIPs, scientists, common citizens etc)

* Hostages (a Galacteer, an Imperial and a Valkeeri civilian in chains handcuffs or tied up)

* Space Pirates

* Space Pirate Veterans

* pdfs of floor plans for the interior of class 2-4 rockets of each faction for retro raygun games to be played on.

The Extreme:

* 3d-printed retro raygun scale class 1 and 2 rockets for people to have to fight their way to or from or around or just to hang from their ceiling or decorate their desks/shelves/store windows

* custom war-rocket dice with an explosion for the 10 and the logo from the main rulebook page numbers for the 1 and an appropriate font for the remaining numbers

* plastic bubble-dome helmeted troops

*bubble-dome helmeted brain with a humanoid robot body and one with just a flying mechanism body

* Zenithian Cloning Tank (clear plastic in metal frame tank holding growing baby Zenithian hanging from top of tank by umbilical [Rafm and Black Cat Bases have similar things but i have no idea how easy it is to source the plastic for the tubes and it’d be an objective or scenery so i’m putting it in this section])

* 3d printed lifesize raygun pistols from the game

Sleeping Dragon’s Trial by Fire

This was to be the last saturday gaming at the Sleeping Dragon, my local gamestore, for this year. However there was a big bad heatwave going on. The weather prediction for Saturday earlier in the week? Nearly 40 degrees C which for this place is seriously roasting. Thankfully the estimate got reduced to 34 as the day approached and i decided that while it would still be a scorcher i didn’t want to miss out.

So after far too little sleep because of the night of horrid heat i bundled up my rockets and went to the dragon. Thank goodness for cans of refridgerated softdrink to keep the heat-headache to a minimum. The heat being what it was i was prepared for the likelihood few would show up and that i might not get a game in, but just hanging out and talking about different miniature lines wargames rpgs comics and movies was fun. However before the day was quite out Harry, one of the Vanguard card gamers, decided he would like to try War Rocket.

He’d seen me playing against Warwick previously so opted for trying the Space Pirates. We went with a single planet and moon and the battle was just a simple shootout. Because he was using my pirates it was a class 2 each and 3 class 1s.

The heat had taken it’s toll so i was so very thankful that war rockets rules are so simple and elegant and that my sweetheart had printed out the PDFs from Hydra so i didn’t have to rely on my boiled brains hazy memory.

As usual there were a couple turns moving towards one another where the basics of movement were learned and then onto shooting where my usual lack of luck and the loss of a scorpion on the first turn.. did not occur! The roll against my rocket was unsuccsessful. Instead one of Harry’s class1 Daggers was destroyed on a roll of a 10! Harry, with a little experience of Warhammer, was quite struck with the simplicity of the game and not at all phased with the loss of the first rocket.. closer we race our fleets and further into atomic fire!

Again in the damage phase our atomic rays lashed out, and in short order the class2 pirate Stilletto, a scorpion and another Dagger were tumbled wreckage! Another of the rolls of mine had been a 10, so my Imperial dice seemed to have bucked it’s past trend and gave me a nice run. The remaining pirate decided escape was a sensible option and hurtled toward the planet! The Imperial craft rushed after it but it survived what fre could be brought to bare and as tghe rocket reached the world with a quick improvised rule and a roll we determined it had escaped to safety!

Harry’s friend Zack had watched the end of our game and wanted to try it too. So I asked them if they’d like to try playing each other, both against me or a free-for-all and they both wanted the latter. Zack decided to use the Zenithians of mine and i explained the rules again.

With three players we put the other planet onto the table and shifted positions around, then we started moving our fleets on from different sides. Zack imediately darted behind the nearest planet while Harry and I rushed towards the centre. Swiftly firing commenced, the first round of fire resulted in a stunned Scorpion, then the second began… and was explosive! I put all my hits onto the Stiletto while Harry spread his hits around some on the stunned scorpion and some on another, and his gamble paid off! While his Stiletto was destroyed i lose two Scorpions. Alas it was time to pack up as Zacks mother arrived to take him home and the store was closing soon (incidentally Zack’s mother asked if the game was like Warhammer and seemed to be quite impressed to hear it was a whole lot cheaper). Because Harry had destroyed two 10-point rockets and i had destroyed 1 15-point rocket, and Zack had held back and so not lost or destroyed anyone, it was declared a victory for Harry and the Space Pirates!

In this game i tried to be more mindful of trying to have my Imperial rockets fire arcs complemnting each other, though i was also careful not to be ruthless with first-time players either ๐Ÿ™‚ (still i’ve lost plenty of games to Space Pirates even from first-time players)

So finding that i was going to be moving first against the pirates this was my experiment.

The Raptor moved first and the stiletto responded making the righthand flank of the raptor vulnerable and the front/left area was most likely to be reached by the pirates class1 daggers so i moved my scorpions in to support the Raptor like this:

Raptor ………<




This spread my effective fire-arc over the raptor’s right flank and had a good spread to the scorpions left so that the pirates couldn’t get into range easilly without facing at least one hit. There was a fair bit of overlap of each fire arc but it wasn’t hard either to place the attackers in such a way as to ensure multiple hits could be put on me and only one or two returned, which will be the case with any formation set up to cover any weakpoints. But often in turns where my class 1’s will move first i dont get to hit back at all as more agile rockets move out of my fire arcs while keeping me in thiers so the value of getting even just one hit back on the turns when moving first is massive especially when facing galacteers whose class1 Comets always move first, and with the rockets of the imperium being the slowest and least manoeverable in the game it is a vital part of Imperial tactics.

This is actually the kind of force that i’m least used to in wargaming. From my first game Adeptus Titanicus where i tended to keep my Titans light and fast, to Space Hulk where i tended to use the fast close-combat genestealers, to my battletech general preferance for faster lighter mechs and of course playing genestealer cults and then Tyranids in warhammer 40,000ย  and my Monsterpocalypse preferences my usual playing style is more like the Galacteers or Zenithians. However the Imperial rockets are my favourites by far and i am really enjoying the challenge of playing the Imperium and learning to play in a completely different style.

So how did Harry respond to my formation? He dove his Class1 Daggers in where the back two scorpions were all that could hit, he managed to get one Dagger to the right of the middle Scorpion, just, and just able to hit me with those wicked 180 degree fire arcs of theirs. So he concentrated more of his shots on the middle scorpion. This middle scorpion was the one that became stunned. The following turn he barely shifted focussing on the stunned Scorpion and some on the rearmost scorpion while i left the immobile rocket to it’s fate and went for his Stiletto with my Raptor and remaining Scorpions.

And a cute unrelated anecdote, while hanging about chatting in the store before the games a family came in doing some christamas shopping, looking over the Dr Who stuff for their 2 year old who is a massive dr who fan after discovering Tom Baker’s run as the doctor on cable. It was quite adorable and his father said they weren’t responsible for it despite being scifi fans themselves, it was the only tv show the kid really liked to watch. Certainly when i was little Tom’s Doctor was the most popular, and family friendly scifi shows were more common (though the amount of death in shows back then was far more than todays tv) but i found it interesting that the old slow and often moody and spooky tv show still held up for a little kid next to modern fast-paced tv.

While this was the last sleeping dragon game for me for the year i’ll try and get some games in and do more battle reports over the holidays before the sleeping dragon games reccomence next year ๐Ÿ™‚