Wishlisting about future Hydra releases

Hydra is a small company, so understandably they release things at a slower pace than the big companies and so have a smaller range. So i totally expect much of what i am about to list to be unfeasable and most is likely unrealistic. It’s just about what i’d love to see come out for War Rocket and Retro Raygun with little regard to practicality, which is of course what wishlisting is all about 🙂

War Rocket:

* Gun Emplacements (small resin dome like an astronomical observatory with some retro scifi detailing that should fit any faction with a choice of three sizes of metal raygun barrels, the two unused would be great for customising rockets)

* A Freighter for each faction,

* A (civilian/slave/troop) Transport Rocket for each faction

* Custom Rocket Conversion Kit (simple small pieces to add to rockets that are easy to glue to any spare surface on a rocket such as existing class 4 gun turrets, Galacteer wing thrusters, Imperial thrusters, some generic nozzles, guns, ramspikes)

* War Rocket scale Rocket Troops (3+ 6mm scale figures in flying pose attached to a base by long plumes of smoke to use as a counter to show a rocket is under Rocket Troop attack)

* Zenithian Mothership Conversion Kit (Zenithian style decorative pieces such as rocket exhaust ports, guns, generators, domes, docking port etc to turn any plastic plate, bowl, frisbee or similar into a Zenithian Mothership)

* Space Station Detail Kit (some more generic retro scifi detail pieces similar to mothership idea to make it easy to build space stations from common household items like plastic bottles and plastic jars or blocks of balsa or polystyrene etc)

* Imperial decorative kit (several small art-deco dragon-gryphons, dragon-gryphon snarling heads and tower-tops for decorating home-made Imperial towers,  ziggurats, bases stations and gun turrets, and could even be put on a class 3 or 4 rocket)

* Big retro-scifi Space/Flying Monster/s

* Terror-Dactyls 😀

* Mysterious Derelict (Class 3 size resin and metal Rocket of a generic style, with significant damage and showing a little exposed internal detail from a rent in its hull, that attaches to the stand at an angle to look more floating)

* Space Torpedos in the cool war rocket retro styling

Retro Raygun:

* Emperor Marduk himself

* Imperial Vassal Troops, these would be figures in Imperial uniforms both male and at least one female, with seperate heads and optional back pieces some with tails to make: Dragon-Men (Dragonish head, wings-and-tail backpiece), Worm-men (worm head, worm tail), Cat-Men (cat head, cat tail), Ape-Men (ape head) and generic backpacks for those that don’t have special ones. These could be got with one of each head/back variation in a pack or packs of all the same sort.

* Galacteer Alien Recruits, as above and compatible with above with Galacteer uniforms both male and at least one female and compatible with the above to make: Lion-men (lion head, tail), Bird-men (Head, Wings), Frog-Men (head), Squid-men (head)

* Animal-men part packs for mixing and matching

* Imperial Princess (of course 🙂 )

* Imperial Commander

* Imperial Troops

* Imperial Guards (more ornately garbed Imperial bodyguards for high-ranking leaders and special  characters)

* Imperial Rocket-Troops (attached to base by plume of smoke resin piece)

* Several ferocious Alien Pets (such as bat-winged serpent, unicorn-horned big-cat, big retro style Alex Raymondish lizard, strange floating furry thing, deceptively cute baby dragon)

* Galacteer Women Troops (as not only wont they let the men get all the fun, they sure wont let the Valkeeri just waltz in and steal all the best looking men either, and many women will be immune to the Valkeeri charms, so a few more non-character Galacter women would be nice to mix through the current guys)

* Zenithians

* Zenithian Androids (robots of a different style to the legion)

* Zenithian Infiltrators (pod-people! Pod-People!)

* Valkeeri’s enslaved men servants

* Princess for Rescuing (should come in three poses, one in chains still captured, one escaping in running pose, one looking all regal for escort rather than rescue missions)

* Prince for Rescuing (because it’s not always Princesses that need rescuing, because romantic love interests might be princes or princesses, because if you are rescuing royalty captured by the Valkeeri they are much more likely to have taken the Prince than the Princess etc, poses as above)

* Galacteer, Imperial and Valkeeri civilian packs, (VIPs, scientists, common citizens etc)

* Hostages (a Galacteer, an Imperial and a Valkeeri civilian in chains handcuffs or tied up)

* Space Pirates

* Space Pirate Veterans

* pdfs of floor plans for the interior of class 2-4 rockets of each faction for retro raygun games to be played on.

The Extreme:

* 3d-printed retro raygun scale class 1 and 2 rockets for people to have to fight their way to or from or around or just to hang from their ceiling or decorate their desks/shelves/store windows

* custom war-rocket dice with an explosion for the 10 and the logo from the main rulebook page numbers for the 1 and an appropriate font for the remaining numbers

* plastic bubble-dome helmeted troops

*bubble-dome helmeted brain with a humanoid robot body and one with just a flying mechanism body

* Zenithian Cloning Tank (clear plastic in metal frame tank holding growing baby Zenithian hanging from top of tank by umbilical [Rafm and Black Cat Bases have similar things but i have no idea how easy it is to source the plastic for the tubes and it’d be an objective or scenery so i’m putting it in this section])

* 3d printed lifesize raygun pistols from the game


3 comments on “Wishlisting about future Hydra releases

  1. Wow… a great list. Many of these ideas are on my wishlist as well. Thanks for sharing your ideas and we will keep these in mind.

    I can say that we expect to have a full range of Valkeeri when we release the Retro Raygun rules…. and hopefully more than that.

  2. Well i would use that old ‘great minds’ line but a lot of it comes from the existing rules and background anyhow, some of it are classic retro-scifi ideas and the rest is just stuff i really like or that seemed like good ways to help people make the most out of things without needing a ton of modeling skills. Well, that and then the crazy extreme stuff because i’d just love a huge Imperial class 2 Raptor on my shelf as well as the battlefield (though it’d mean a star trek model or similar will have to go into a box, until i find more wallspace for a new bookcase) and there’s no such thing as too many toy rayguns. If you go with any ideas i came up with that you weren’t working on already i’ll be very happy to have contributed 😀

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