Transmitter repaired, repeat, transmitter repaired!

Things have been eventful following our exposure of Santa’s investigation into pod-people activities in Toowoomba. Namely a catastrophic failure of our computational communication equipment!

A Martian plot? Zenithian Saucermen Saboteurs? The vengeful wrath of a scorned Valkeeri Commander? Foolish agents attempting to spread rebellion within the Empire? Rigelian Electro-worms or an invasion of Crazy Rasberry Ants? The cause has not yet been identified but thanks to the brave efforts of skilled scientists, technicians and engineers our signal is back on the air and better than ever! Beamed across radio-waves, unfathomable wiring and a series of tubes to your scopes in your own homes and workplaces!

We now return you to our scheduled broadcasts.

By battybattybats

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