Retro Costuming

Previously I showed off my cool golden skull mask I got around Halloween. Well I recently saw something that has me wanting to jump into the deep end of costuming!

Bubbledome helmet? Spiffy jumpsuit? Holster for my rayguns? Cute rocket belt buckle? I totally NEED some stuff like this!

The details and more pics of this awesome piece of costuming and the complimentary partners costume is here

By battybattybats

Rockets Return to Sleeping Dragon

The Imperial Gryphon’s interior was filled with the growling sounds of it’s thick layered hull flexing under the strains of the tremendous forces use to propel it through the cold skies of Dormientes Draco. The legendarily tough Imperial Rockets were each a master-crafted work of art whose hull and structure was designed to flex inn order to not become brittle. When it came to combat manoevers the Rocket would shriek and roar as the inner hull would grind and scrape against the outer hull and booms and girders twist and return to shape. Princess Taegan looked at the charts carefully, the Zenithians, usually a mobile enemy had started to construct defences around a large MacGuffinite deposit. While her forces were scattered a careful strike before the defences could be armed might mean far less losses than trying to take the site with a larger fleet.

She sank her curved dagger point into the chart.

“We strike now!”

Edit: This was drafted a couple weeks or so ago, however due to excessive busyness it’s only just being posted. Sorry for the delays and hopefully we’ll have some more up soon.

The holiday period had its share of troubles, not only was there a series of heatwaves and having to replace my laptop, the voyage home included 4 hours sitting on the side of the road during the heatwave when the car broke down trying to dodge large aggressive ants (metal greenhead ants and red bull ants) followed by an hour huddled in the hot car while a severe storm raged around with yellow and pink lightning blasting trees nearby.

So for a variety of reasons despite out intentions my brother and I didn’t get any further games of war rocket done over the holidays. I’m back home only briefly because i’m heading to Sydney to spend some time with my sweetheart (and co-editor of the Blog) and to see Dead Can Dance perform at the Opera House. During that time we hope to get some more War Rocket done and to get some more Galacteer content onto the blog. The local gamestore The Sleeping Dragon reopened after the holiday break this week so i took the most of the opportunity and went down this morning for another game.

Turnout at the store was low, but the University is still on holidays so a large part of the towns population is still absent. And a card-game tournament was taking place so most of the people there were caught up in that. But still i found one person wanting a game. Zack.

We went with the stores hexmat and i decided to use my Class III Gryphon so to keep the points equal the forces were:

The Class 3 Gryphon and Two Class 1 Scorpions

One Class 2 Beta-Z and Two Class 1 Alpha-Z’s

As we were using the martian style landscape mat i put a bunch of small yogurt stuff bottles which i’m going to be making into towers as some terrain. We decided the objective was for me to destroy the towers while the Zenithians were defending them. We decided they would be as gun emplacements but unarmed and would block line of sight so we’d have some LOS blocking terrain. We also decided on a 10 turn limit. We took turns placing towers on the battlefield then Zack placed the saucers.

The Saucers started scattered amidst the array of Towers set accross the landscape

The Saucers started scattered amidst the array of Towers set across the landscape

Being the slowest rocket my Clas III Gryphon moved first, coming in from the edge nearest the camera and heading straight for the tower nearest the edge. The two Scorpions went towards the next nearest tower to the right and the Saucers started heading towards my end of the table.

The Saucers rush to defend the towers

The Saucers rush to defend the towers

The Gryphon blasted the tower in front of it with its forward firing rayguns… and nothing happened. Clearly these were sturdier than the Zenithian Saucers themselves.

The Gryphon held position,the Zenithians flew in to try and intercept but my Scorpions swung away to lend their own firepower to this first tower. Realising that destroying all the towers with this small force would be pretty unfeasible and Zack showing good sportsmanship we also changed the impromptu victory conditions to my needing to destroy only 3 of the 5 towers within the 10 turns.

The towers are tougher than we estimated, Redeploy!

The towers are tougher than we estimated, Redeploy!

Of course the Scorpions didn’t make it this turn, again the Gryphon blasted the Tower with it’s forward beams.. and it held firm.

Next turn the Scorpions made it to the tower but so too did the Zenithians and while my Imperial forces concentrated their fire on the Tower the Zenithian class 2 Beta-Z let fly at my Class III Gryphon and got some return fire from the side gunner.

Note that the Saucer was hastily repositioned after the placing of blast markers after being knocked over and is in the wrong hex

Note that the Saucer was hastily repositioned after the placing of blast markers after being knocked over and is in the wrong hex

Atom-rays stream forth in all directions and destroy.. nothing.

Trusting to my armour i decide my whole fleet will stand strong ignoring the Zenithians to try to take down the tower while the Zenithians swarm in for the kill… my choice was made on some deliberation.. and having noticed that i couldn’t move my scorpions and shoot anything this turn so thought i may as well shoot the tower.

Surrounded by Saucers!

Surrounded by Saucers!

With all but one Class 1 saucer within range the Imperial armour was being sorely tested. And now the other side gunner had an opportunity to fine-tune his weapon… the Zenithian Saucer (that i had done a little test paintwork on) was blown to smithereens! But… on board one of my scorpions a raybeam found its way into a vital system and the Rocket became stunned as the crew sought to stem the flames or fix the short.

And still the tower stood!

The straggler saucer caught up with the rest going straight into action, the side gunner found another target and we all let fly…


Tragedy for the Empire! In one round of fire the stunned Scorpion was sent crashing to the surface and the other scorpion was sundered in mid-air as Zack rolled a 10!

Zack had suggested in an earlier turn i could move the Gryphon forward and use the tower to cover my unprotected tail which i didnt go with earlier because i needed the Gryphons forward guns to try and take the tower down. This turn i thought that without my scorpions i would have to, but we hadn’t decided at the start whether the towers would block movement as well as LOS so i suggested we should roll on it with a 50/50 chance. Zack did the roll and it determined we could fly over the towers which is the only way i could get the tower to my back in one turn. So with the Gryphons back to the wall and guns blazing to all sides i bid the Zenithians onward into my guns.

Beset from all sides the Imperial Class 3 Gryphon makes a valiant stand

Beset from all sides the Imperial Class 3 Gryphon makes a valiant stand

But alas, plagued by 2s on my dice not another saucer fell and the proud Gryphon was stunned, and then in the turn that immediately followed was destroyed!

With the Zenithian tower still standing the saucermen have secured a large amount of the MacGuffinite of Dormientes Draco, and worse Princess Taegan is missing, stranded or perhaps even captured by the saucers. And it was a great fun game. Clearly gun emplacements are to be feared as their defence is the same as a class 1 Imperial or most factions class 2s but also ignore stun results making them noticably tougher.