Commander Whitestar reporting to base!

Good evening (or respective time of day/night) Cadets,  my name is Tamsin (Commander Whitestar to you) and my partner Bayne (Batty) recently introduced me to ‘War Rocket.’ This is written retro-actively so forgive the confusing dates. I am finally getting around to adding to our blog that we started together which took off a little from under my wings at first. I’ve only played a handful of games compared to Batty, blogging like crazy and warring throughout the Galaxy. I have, however, been editing (or at least reading) every post – so I am up to date!

Onto business!

The pitch black silent space was teeming with danger and edge-of-the-Command-Chair-suspense; wormhole generators set to over-drive as we raced through the expanse to face The Imperium
! (Dun dun DUUNN *dramatic music*)

Well actually it was a simple plastic black table-cloth in my parents’ kitchen over my parents’ kitchen table! Our recently assembled rockets were still unpainted and unfinished. I was using the Galacteers (naturally) and my partner using The Imperium. We got used to our respective maneuvering and firing arcs using three class I’s and one class II each at this stage.
As I tried to get used to firing… well.. there wasn’t much to get used to actually. Just place the counters and roll the dice.. really..? That’s it?
Having grown up in the 90s, I was a video game type of child. I hardly knew table top or pen’n’paper RPGs even existed! Trying to learn ‘Warhammer’ was a nightmare for a while that the idea of ANOTHER new-to-me table top game being introduced had me somewhat anxious. But it’s the easiest one I’ve ever come across, and so charmingly simple and cute I fell head over heels in love!!
Well – what sealed the deal was the Lightyear Brigade! (more on that later)

“Mayday Commander! Mayday! I’m going down I.. I’m.. fsshhhhhhhhhh….. “
News Report: ‘A chilling recording of the last thing Pilot Dan Armstrong had to say before his Lightyear Comet was brutally destroyed by an Imperial Scorpian trisect. Commander Whitestar reports that Armstrong will receive a medal of bravery and honour for his contribution to the defeat of an Imperial fleet, and that it was an overall victory in spite of our loss. Whitestar and the other pilots of the Lightyear Brigade are both in celebration – and in mourning.
This is Sally Gold reporting, good night viewers.’
By Commander Whitestar

Sightings of Pink Saucers on the Blogoscope

I saw this excellent fleet doing some Googling a while back and I think it deserves some exposure and acclaim.
I have been considering pink as one of the possible colours for my small Valkeeri fleet but its delightfully surprising to encounter it on the Zenithians. And the paintwork is really superb. Be sure to check out the other war-rocket posts on their blog!

By battybattybats