Sleeping Dragon Prison Rescue

Listen up Galacteers, we lost some good men against the Imperials on Dormientes Draco and some of them were carrying some vital Intel in their heads about what is going on with the MacGuffinite on that world. Now that the decoding department have translated the latest batch of Imperial internal propaganda broadcasts, they’re bragging that many of our men were taken prisoner and are being made to mine the MacGuffinite! We can’t let that insult stand! Also with the knowledge they now have from working with the… stuff, might at last explain what the Zenithians have been up to; the secret of Dormientes Draco and its high content of MacGuffinite. We will rescue them all eventually, but right now we need that Intel so we’re going to risk many lives for few to get at the secret of that world and with any luck we might find out what we need to stabilise that region of space and push the Imperial expansion back to their own turf. So Galacteers, to your rockets! To the RESCUE!

Saturday was time once more for another chapter of fun playing War Rocket at my local game store The Sleeping Dragon. Jason was eager for a game and while I’ve been working on some satellites for one of the missions in the main book Jason was keen to try and rescue some of his brave Galacteers taken captive and forced to work in the MacGuffinite mines from our last game.

So once more, dear viewers, we take you to the barren plains of that lost world Dormientes Draco, perhaps the richest source of MacGuffinite in the entire galaxy!

We see that the strange ancient ruins, with their weird Zenithian technological enhancements, have continued to draw clouds of MacGuffinite ore from deep underground. The strange process causing strange ice-teroids to form around the ore in increasing clouds of dangerous debris.

Or in other words Jason’s generous partner Sam gave me another massive haul of the excellent plastic fishtank stuff! And seeing as it was so great last time we really piled it on this game.

I couldn't resist adding little swishing tails to most of the clouds i set up as we readied the playing field.

I couldn’t resist adding little swishing tails to most of the clouds i set up as we readied the playing field.

Jason and I rather improvised the scenario for the rescue. The towers were as they were last game, and the aim for the Galacteers was to try and get 5 prisoners out of the towers. To try and balance that out I was only to start with my Class 1s and 2s on the field. On the 2nd turn I’d roll for each of the remaining two powerhouses, the Class 3 and Class 4, and on a result of a 9 or 10 they’d enter play. This would improve each subsequent turn as a 7+ then a 5+ etc. And I would roll randomly to determine which of the two long sides these would come in from. Also I’d set up my Class 1’s and 2’s first before Jason would decide which of the two short sides he would enter from.

So I set up two patrols, a pair of Class 1 Scorpions and a Class 2 Raptor paired with another Scorpion.

The rockets of Princess Taegan's Fleet circle about the strange towers guarding the prisoners as they slave in the radioactive mine

The rockets of Princess Taegan’s Fleet circle about the strange towers guarding the prisoners as they slave in the radioactive mine

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The Missing Princess, part 2: Fall of Terror!

Where we left our heroic Princess the assault against the unfinished field of Zenithian death-towers had failed and the Anzu was destroyed! How can our hero survive the destruction of her rocket? Watch on to discover her fate in this weeks exciting episode The Missing Princess chapter 2, Fall of Terror!

The coruscating spectrum of atomic light-fire finally boiled off the Zorastrianite layers from the hull and then sliced through the superstructure of the Class III Imperial Gryphon-pattern rocket the Anzu in a shower of golden sparks that fell like a rain of stars.

Princess Taegan turned to see the hovering body of the Rocket lift up out of view looking more like an engineers cutaway illustration than the Machine that had been a home and central command for longer than she could easily remember. She caught a glimpse of the horror-struck face of the new sidegunner Muranu who had only recently replaced Moumis lost and never found when the landing party encountered carnivorous plant-people while trying to hunt down Valkeeri spies on Nelith, and the scrambling engineers of the deck below who still were fighting to keep the mighty atomic heart of the proud metal beast from breaking, before it fell upwards out of sight, or more correctly before the nose of the rocket where she sat with it’s huge curved faceted golden-framed window and long golden ramming prow fell from the body as if decapitated and twisted towards the ground below after being severed wholly from the rest of the rocket by the saucers cutting beams.
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