The Missing Princess, part 2: Fall of Terror!

Where we left our heroic Princess the assault against the unfinished field of Zenithian death-towers had failed and the Anzu was destroyed! How can our hero survive the destruction of her rocket? Watch on to discover her fate in this weeks exciting episode The Missing Princess chapter 2, Fall of Terror!

The coruscating spectrum of atomic light-fire finally boiled off the Zorastrianite layers from the hull and then sliced through the superstructure of the Class III Imperial Gryphon-pattern rocket the Anzu in a shower of golden sparks that fell like a rain of stars.

Princess Taegan turned to see the hovering body of the Rocket lift up out of view looking more like an engineers cutaway illustration than the Machine that had been a home and central command for longer than she could easily remember. She caught a glimpse of the horror-struck face of the new sidegunner Muranu who had only recently replaced Moumis lost and never found when the landing party encountered carnivorous plant-people while trying to hunt down Valkeeri spies on Nelith, and the scrambling engineers of the deck below who still were fighting to keep the mighty atomic heart of the proud metal beast from breaking, before it fell upwards out of sight, or more correctly before the nose of the rocket where she sat with it’s huge curved faceted golden-framed window and long golden ramming prow fell from the body as if decapitated and twisted towards the ground below after being severed wholly from the rest of the rocket by the saucers cutting beams.

She was lifted from her command seat by the freefall and like the rest of the surviving command crew reached for the Imperial standard Batwing Glidecloak in it’s pouch beneath her seat as suddenly everything lurched violently as the atomic engine of the rockets body above detonated, shunting everything tumbling sideways in the freefall and hurling the glidecloak despairingly out of reach of the Princess!

The crisp air of the atmosphere of the mysterious Macguffinite-rich world Dormientes Draco whipped her long auburn hair and diaphanous loincloth through the air behind her as she fought to streamline her form enough to catch back up with the golden command seat and the promise of life in the form of the gold red and black glidecloak folded beneath it. The other surviving crew lucky enough to get their glidecapes on before the explosion were unfolding their batwing glidecapes and slowing their fall, seemingly lifting up into the sky above the Princess one after another. Except for one especially loyal soldier, Akki who was still clinging to the back of one of the chairs, fighting the drag of his half-opened glidesuit as he tried to wrest a second for the Princess.

The falling nose of the Rocket suddenly lit in green flashes as the Zenithian saucers racked it with atomic malice shredding the artisan-wrought metal and the noble Akki for his heroism.

To herself Princess Taegan swore that if by some miracle she lived through this fall she would add his name to the great monument of heroes in the Imperial Capital City with her own hands. Alas it was only a miracle that could save her now as shreds of metal and atom-beams filled the air with death and the cold red rocky desert floor rushed upwards with it’s promise of a crushing embrace of mass, velocity, and unyielding unfeeling stone!

Above she watched gliding Imperial soldiers trying to glide around the unfinished yet seemingly indestructible Zenithian tower as the murderous saucers continued to hunt and cut down survivors. She looked around for anything within reach, anything that could arrest her fall but there was nothing. She breathed in deep and prepared to meet her end with courage and honor as the last feet of air between her and the cold cruel ground were vanishing with a heartbeat and…

WOOOOSH with a great deafening roar like the sky itself was sundered she was swept back up into the sky in strong proud arms as the dashing Captain Atrius with the heavy rocket-pack of an imperial rocket-trooper strapped to his back plucked her from the sky like her viper-bat, loyal to the end and still coiled about her forearm like a spiraling jeweled bracelet,  once would pluck a gloom-moth from the perfumed air of the ever-shadowed softly witch-light lit forest moon of Eth.

As the wreckage of the once-mighty rocket of red and gold smashed into the ground at the towers base it caved in the roof of a great chasm and it was into this that the precious few survivors descended to try and evade the Zenithian slaughter… but the mouth of this newly born great earthen maw with it’s teeth of jagged broken rock bore them the threat of yet more dread and danger as it swallowed them for as they landed amidst the unstable rocks and ran into the dark caverns taking cover from the inevitable Zenithian bombardment and infantry pursuit their ears were filled with the echoing distant chant of some unknown presence on the planet. Some cave-dwelling beings engaged in some disturbing ritual that culminated in a horrid and clearly terminal sacrificial scream!

What new terrors lurk in the hidden tunnels and caves of the planet Dormientes Draco? Can the Imperial survivors escape the pursuing Zenithians? What fiendish extra-dimensional science is behind the mysteriously impermeable towers? Will brave Captain Atrius win the heart of Princess Taegan or will it forever belong to Commander Lightyear? Don’t miss the next thrilling chapter of the Hydra serial The Missing Princess Chapter 3, Temple of the Dino-Men! at your local theatre brought to you by Grognars Flux Capacitors, Fnord Incorporated and by the Murania Mining Company, for all your radium needs.


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