Battle Report: Vengeance Falls on Sleeping Dragon

When the Imperial Commander answered the astro-communicator, it was with great surprise that he saw the alluring but icy features of a Valkeeri Commander with wrath in her eyes on the grainy flickering monochrome screen.

“Imperial Commander, you are hunting the Zenithians on Dormientes Draco.” The melodic voice carried levels of menace like the picking up of lightning-laden; a storm wind heralding a tornado or sand-tsunami, and she certainly didn’t seem to be asking a question. Still the Imperial Commander answered as if it were.

“Affirmative, what business is that of the Valkeeri?”

“We have a debt of vengeance against the Zenithians. We intend to slaughter them, and reap blood for blood. You Imperials should understand at least some measure of the right of vengeance.”

“We are the agents of Marduk’s wrath. We recognise the right of vengeance as part of a warrior’s honour.”

“We know the location of the Zenithian fleet on Dormientes Draco. It is too great for our force alone, but we will share the location in return for assistance in wiping them out. We offer a truce that will hold till the last member of the Zenithian fleet has spilled its ichor on the red sands of Dormientes Draco. Will you show yourselves to be honourable warriors and help us pay the blood-debt?”

“We are searching for a missing Imperial citizen. Do you have any information about the location of any Imperial citizens on this planet?”

“No. We have taken none of your men”

“This is not a man, but a woman we search for.”

“We have no need of your women. And we have killed and encountered none of those on this world either. Will you help us get our vengeance?”

“Marduk is merciful, Marduk is honourable. We will help you get your vengeance.”

“Your missing woman… if you find her be wary. She may not be real.”

“What do you mean?”

“Our leader was replaced by a Zenithian clone sent to betray us! It is vengeance for her death that we will slaughter the foul Saucermen in her name!”

With that, the connection severed leaving the Imperial Commander even more worried than he had been at the flickering of the sun!

Once more it was time to go down to my local game store The Sleeping Dragon for another fun game of War Rocket! My friend Taphyl came along, deciding to use my Zenithians while Jason played once more but this time choosing to use his partner Sam’s Zenithian fleet. I explained the outline of the story-so-far to Taphyl and asked them both if they wanted a free-for-all battle or a two-vs.-one and if so who vs. who. They decided two vs. one with me and Taphyl vs. Jason. They also opted for a land battle using the stores Hotz game mat so we set up the battlefield and went for a straight on firefight with each side trying to wipe out the other.

The points were set at what Jason had available, and Taphyl and I split our points between us though with a slightly larger share going to Taphyl so he could use the Class 3 Valkeeri Lamia that I’d recently bought. Taphyl chose the Lamia, a Class 2 Fury and two Class 1 Sirens, while I took two Class 2 Imperial Raptors and a Class 1 Scorpion.

We were all so excited to play that I forgot to get photos of the first couple of turns as we started moving onto the battlefield! But I quickly caught up.

In the centre of the battlefield more strange towers have been discovered on this ancient barren planet

In the centre of the battlefield, more strange towers have been discovered on this ancient; barren planet – ruins of some ancient advanced city!

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