Making Some Satellites from Everyday Household Items

So I decided I really wanted some satellites for the scenario in the war rocket rulebook involving the Imperium out to destroy Galacteer early warning satellites in order to invade. But the trouble was… what to make them out of?

I had thought of something Sputnik like but my ideas seemed too fragile.

Then, my sweetheart pointed out something cool!

Raspberry goo

OK yes it’s sweet and raspberry tasting and in packaging that looks appropriate for zero-G eating but why is it relevant to making model satellites?
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The Missing Princess Part 5: The Deadly Escape

In the last chapter, Princess Taegan escaped from the Dino-Men and sent Captain Atrius and her surviving warriors to secure and study the strange devices under the Zenithian Towers, then allowed herself to be captured by Zenithian troops in order to discover their plans. Finding that several key commanders from Galacteer and Space Pirate Fleets had been replaced by Pod People clones, she and the original commander prisoners plan to escape the Zenithian imprisonment. Can they get word to their fleets? Will traditional animosity turn them against one another? Let’s watch on and find out!

In a darkened room, a silhouetted figure upon a grand art-deco throne watches an image with a faintly luminous single open eye ripple to life on an ornate screen of polished obsidian held aloft by stylised golden Sirrush. The on-screen image seems to be as if through the very eyes of someone holding aloft an earring as a door beside them opens…

Everyone shielded their eyes as the cell door opened and Princess Taegan threw the ruby earring through the door to the floor as a flash grenade. With a burst of light, the Zenithian clones were blinded! Not even waiting to open her eyes, Princess Taegan whirled through the guards with her Goldrantium and Tling-steel stiletto. It wasn’t just the beloved pet Vyper-Bat she had brought back from the ever-nighted forest moon of Eth, but also years of training in fighting in low-light and total darkness thanks to the tutorship of the witch-women of the temple of Ishtanna with which they bought a peaceful transition to Imperial protection and more flexibility to the usual Imperial vassal rule, becoming personal subjects of the Princess.

By the time Commander Jason of the Star Command; Commander Lightyear of the Lightyear Brigade and Pirate Captain Woz of the Draco Raiders had uncovered their eyes – prepared to fight – the four clones were already on the floor!
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The Missing Princess Part 4: The Tower of Treachery

Chapter 4: The Tower of Treachery!
Where we left our heroic Imperial Forces, Captain Atrius had just rescued Princess Taegan from the Temple of the Dino Men and we follow them now as they flee from stone-age reptile pursuers into the tunnels beneath The Tower of Treachery!

Princess Taegan and Captain Atrius ran at full speed down the corridor of the secret stone Labyrinth, behind the strange reptilian Idol of the troglodytic dino-men to catch up with the two other Imperial survivors of the disastrous battle with the Zenithians.

“Atrius” Princess Taegan panted as she ran, used to having given commands in combat situations, she timed her words with the breathing required to keep her muscles powered for distance running.

“Yes my Princess?” Atrius responded, his deep voice showing none of the exertion of the activity.

“Should I be offended or take as a compliment that both of the two tribes of Dino-men on this forsaken world have tried to sacrifice me to their stone gods?”

“Clearly, my Princess, it is a sign they recognise enough of your greatness and beauty as to see you as the most valuable and worthy of us to give to their god and a sign of their blindness that they don’t covet your beauty enough to defy their god and don’t see enough of your strength and cunning and wisdom to just fall at your feet and worship you in its stead.”

Princess Taegan thought of two different reprimands for Atrius’s excessive flattery but discarded each, then decided too much time had passed for her to bother. Though she couldn’t help but smile both at the compliment and at the recent memory of the furious face of the dino-man high priest as his stone god’s decapitated head crushed the thin bridge he was standing on plunging him into the lava below.

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