Draft Scenario: The Derelict Watch-station

note: This is an as-yet untested Draft Scenario, so some playtesting may be required to make it work well.

Watch-station x-25, hidden within the ice-teroid belt around the dead-star Glork, is tasked with monitoring enemy transmissions and broadcasting our propaganda while jamming that of the enemy along our spin-ward border.

Trouble is, it’s gone silent and the last report was of an enemy fleet trawling through the location, presumably looking for the station. If they capture the station and get enough time with our machines they can break our secret codes. And that could mean not only changing the whole code system again, but also leaving in the lurch all our agents who won’t know the code system has been busted.

So we must burn at full speed to find out for sure, to see if the enemy has Watch-station x-25, and if so to Destroy it!

Time for another scenario. This one is designed assuming two players neither of whom have read the scenario, and a 3rd to set it up and oversee things.

Player Info:
Forces: Equal construction points for each side, of a size that suits both players

Set Up: divide the map in half, at a slight angle, with a wide band of asteroids or ice-teroids ideally 3 hexes wide if you have enough pebbles or the like. At the centre of this place a model or marker for the derelict Watch-Station. The station is manned by only a tiny crew, so is similar in size to a war rocket.

The Derelict: The derelict watch station is made to handle a lot of collisions and so is quite heavilly armored. it is Defence 3. However if currently unoccupied a watch station can be set to self-destruct by a boarding party, though this will mean entering the asteroid/ice-teroid field to do so. Each side is trying to get to the Station first, examine it, which takes 1 turn, then either blow it up of try and keep it intact and in their possession by the end of the battle.

Overseer only beyond this point! SPOILERS! Players should read no further!

Slowly the Boarding Party in their spacesuits moved through the airless Watch-Station. The corridors were peppered with blast scars as if a terrible firefight had taken place, and all the power was down. All the boarding party were jumpy and on alert, but still when the heaving mass of gelatinous goo smacked one of the boarders into a bulkhead with an extruded pseudopod it came as a dreadful shock! The swiftly fought a hard-pressed retreat back to their rocket as it sunk in… The watchstation was infested with one of the dreaded forms of Space Amoeba! The Green Slime!

The Green Slime: Once the Watch Station has been investigated, even if this is at the end of the battle once one player has been defeated, the Green Slime emerges from the derelict and attack! There will be 1-4 blobs of Green Slime, depending on the amount of points of rockets left on the table added together (yes both sides!) if there’s up to 100 points there’s 1 blob, and for every 100 or part there-of, there’s another blob to a maximum of 4.

Green Slime blobs have defence 4 because they absorb large amounts of energy and must be overloaded with energy in order to be destroyed! They have no ranged attacks but have a movement of 10 and ram to stun as a class4 rocket and board as a class 2. Green Slime blobs will move directly in a straight line towards the nearest enemy rocket and try to ram and board it, breaking into the rocket to eat the crew. Despite being Amoebas they have some rudimentary intelligence. If trying to attack a faster rocket than they, they will use a delayed action enduring a round of fire to ram the nearest rocket in the delayed action phase.

The players will likely have to join forces to eliminate all the Green Slime! And then when that is done.. there’s still that matter of the Watch-station!

And for added fun, you can play this song when the Green Slime is discovered!
It’s the theme to an old scifi film, partly inspiration for the scenario, entitled of course The Green Slime!


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      • Ah, that skipped my mind. Was only thinking about paintings like the one used in the video. Things other than those just never got in my thoughts.

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