The Missing Princess Part 14: A Desperate Cry in the Darkness

In the last heart-wrenching chapter Imperial Princess Taegan allowed herself to be captured by one of a gang of brutal Space Pirates who had boarded the desolate Imperial Watch Station in orbit around planet Eratus Est of the Draco star system, as she was carried off aboard a stolen Imperial Class II Scorpion rocket as gallant Galacteer Commander Lightyear of the Lightyear Brigade was forced to watch on along with the rest of the Space Pirates the treacherous four-armed Kutila named Xasaphrax tossed a live grenade into the docking port! Which terrible fate has befallen noble Commander Lightyear? To be marooned with murderous pirates or a swift explosive death?

“See you all in the afterlife you scudge swilling zwilniks”
With a cruel laugh the mottled reptiloid tossed the live grenade, slamming closed the aluminiglass and goldrantium hood down and pulled the rocket swiftly away.

The grenade bounced and skittered across the docking bay right into the corridor where Commander Lightyear and the Pirates had watched the departure of the treacherous Xasaphrax coming to rest right at Lightyear’s feet! As the pirates stared in stunned and fatal shock Lightyear, with his superior strength from years spent as a child growing acclimatised on a high-gravity world; the superior reflexes of Galacteer training and the skills of split-second decision-making that comes from mastering the break-neck speed of the Galacteer Class 1 Comet Rocket leapt into instant action!

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The Missing Princess part 8: The Very Last Breath

In the last chapter Imperial Princess Taegan, Galacteer Commanders Lightyear and Jason as well as the Space Pirate Captain Woz were on board a captured Zenithian saucer racing to warn their peoples of a plot to replace commanders with Zenithian Pod People Clones when they faced the threat of a clone of the Princess on board with them! The Princesses duelled and when the clone fought underhandedly Lightyear intervened to even the odds upsetting the real Princess as Jason killed the clone. Woz then revealed he had discovered a way to see if anyone else was a pod person and this prompted the traitor to show it was not the real Commander Jason, drawing his gun on the Princess! How will this standoff end? Let’s find out…

“Nobody move a muscle” snarled the phony Commander Jason, his weapon pointed at the prone Princess, “or I alter the order of succession to the Imperial throne!”

“You forget Galacteer” sneered pirate captain Woz, “that while I have great respect for the Princess I’m not ready to die on her behalf so threatening to kill her doesn’t get my gun aimed away from your cowardly gizzard. Sorry Princess, it’s a Pirate thing.”

“Ha!” laughed the clone of Jason of Star Command, “I don’t need you to care enough to die for the Princess, just Lightyear who will take the shot you aim at me in order to save her from my dying blast.”
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The Missing Princess Part 6: Trajectory of Destruction

In the last chapter a disparate band of heroes, Imperial Princess Taegan, Galacteers Commander Lightyear of the Lightyear Brigade and Commander Jason of Star Command and the notorious Space Pirate Captain Woz had fled imprisonment by the Zenithians on planet Dormientes Draco and were traveling to the Imperial Watch Station at planet Iratus Est Draco to get word to each of their forces that a plot was underway replacing loyal commanders with Zenithian pod-people clones! While the rest were sleeping a traitor struck and knocked unconscious Captain Woz. What will become of this rag-tag collection of former enemies and allies of convenience now?

In a storage-compartment a strange vaguely humanoid form of vegetable-like matter; a form of seed; was growing; pulsing; forming; glowing with 7th dimensional energies and strange quasi-bio-technology….

Princess Taegan awoke with a start. She didn’t know why but she had goosebumps and adrenaline was already surging preparing her for battle. She rolled to her feet from the flat Spartan folding cot, weapons drawn. She saw no-one up, no immediate danger, then noticed Captain Woz was slumped over the Saucers controls and they were hurtling towards an asteroid field.

She leapt across the control room clearing all the steps up to the raised round control stations of the saucers bubble in a single bound. She checked the prone form, he was alive but unconscious, bleeding from a blow to the head. He was also the only one who could pilot the craft and if they didn’t change course they would be dashed against the rocky doom they were diving into! She started trying to rouse the pirate, and, realising that when the others awaken suspicion for the assault might fall on her, she called to the others to wake them.

In moments Commander Lightyear and Commander Jason were at her side trying to help the pirate awaken. Lightyear rushed off and returned moments later with bandages antiseptic and some strange glass tube of translucent green syrup.
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Santa the Conquerer and the Pod People

There’s something strange on the streets of Toowoomba.. for a rural city it has some straaange looking buildings…

Clearly a device for communication with Mars, or maybe even for matter teleportation or opening wormholes!

With a strange history over the decades.

And the local council has 3 approaches, the normal stairs and the wheelchair access ramp…. but then we spot some strange grilled recesses with a cluster of different sized spheroid beings lined up in an orderly que…

What manner of beings are these?

What manner of beings are these?

And why do they have so much bussiness with the city council?

And why do they have so much bussiness with the city council?

Of course we had to be there to see the visit of Santa in his christmassy rocket-pod…

Pretty sweet bubble-dome craft you have their Santa, such good climate control the snow isn't melting inside when it's 34degrees C. outside!

Pretty sweet bubble-dome craft you have there Santa, such good climate control the snow isn’t melting inside when it’s 34degrees C. outside!

Rocketpod? Guess he must have got it when he conquered Mars (note this is the full-length dramatic recreation of the historical event)

Look at the triumphant all-conquering hero.. hey that's some pretty heavy security you have Santa, whats with the pointy metal fence.. and the rocket.. did you think it unsafe to bring Rudolf? What's going on around here?

Look at the triumphant all-conquering hero.. hey that’s some pretty heavy security you have Santa, whats with the pointy metal fence.. and the rocket.. did you think it unsafe to bring Rudolf? What’s going on around here?

Clearly Santa is concerned and checking the place out. He clearly is suspicious too. There’s definately some sort of malign alien prescence here…

And then we see it, right there in plain sight in the middle of the town…

Pods! Alien PODS! They're here! They're HERE!

Pods! Alien PODS! They’re here! They’re HERE!

Great no more sleep till we find out if these are that kind of alien pods.

On closer inspection we see the pods are being cooled or fed…. by a huge melting block of stone!

melting stone for the benefit of alien pods, not the sort of thing you see every day!

melting stone for the benefit of alien pods, not the sort of thing you see every day!

That’s some impressive technology, sure hope they are friendly or at least peacefull…

Considering Santa’s involvement i decided to check the historical documents for any other alien conflicts in Santa’s neck of the woods and found this:

Contacting the authorities they sent this old poster from the office of Dan Dare

Gee, thanks.

So keep your rockets reactors warm and ready to go at a moments notice. Keep those stun-ray-projectors within reach and stay tuned to Tesla’s broadcasts. We’ve sent word to Atomic Robo and the Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne.

Yeah that’s right bloodthirsty alien vegetables, THE Atomic Robo!

So don’t worry Santa, we got your back!