The Missing Princess part 9: Marooned in the Night Sky

In the last chapter we saw noble Commander Lightyear risking his life to bring an Ice-teroid to the wrecked Zenithian saucer so that Princess Taegan and Captain Woz might convert the frozen water into enough air that they might get the engines repaired and escape their cruel fate. With no air left in his air tank Commander Lightyear has lost consciousness and is slipping into deaths embrace…

Roused from the control panel for the magna-cable by the Princesses cry Space Pirate Captain Woz leapt into action. Hastily decoupling a series of cables and plunging the saucer into darkness he connected the cable from the reactor outlets to a strange device set into the outer hull. “Hope this doesn’t blow us all into pieces” he muttered to himself but the Princess answered him anyway,

“Do it!”

He slammed his hand on a Soma-Pathic sensor and willed with all his mental might at the device to function. A strange green ray was emitted and engulfed the limp form of Commander Lightyear and drew him into the hatch. “Clones use this to drop into combat from the air, rapid deployment… not very good for holding your food for humans though but I’m banking he’s not going to complain if we are quick enough”.

Then there was the agonising wait while pressure in the small airlock equalised, time when he would be suffering lack of oxygen and the pair just had to hover, staring at the strange Zenithian number system counted down on a little rotating dial above the door, suffering the fear of not knowing whether they could revive Lightyear when the door opened.
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The Missing Princess part 8: The Very Last Breath

In the last chapter Imperial Princess Taegan, Galacteer Commanders Lightyear and Jason as well as the Space Pirate Captain Woz were on board a captured Zenithian saucer racing to warn their peoples of a plot to replace commanders with Zenithian Pod People Clones when they faced the threat of a clone of the Princess on board with them! The Princesses duelled and when the clone fought underhandedly Lightyear intervened to even the odds upsetting the real Princess as Jason killed the clone. Woz then revealed he had discovered a way to see if anyone else was a pod person and this prompted the traitor to show it was not the real Commander Jason, drawing his gun on the Princess! How will this standoff end? Let’s find out…

“Nobody move a muscle” snarled the phony Commander Jason, his weapon pointed at the prone Princess, “or I alter the order of succession to the Imperial throne!”

“You forget Galacteer” sneered pirate captain Woz, “that while I have great respect for the Princess I’m not ready to die on her behalf so threatening to kill her doesn’t get my gun aimed away from your cowardly gizzard. Sorry Princess, it’s a Pirate thing.”

“Ha!” laughed the clone of Jason of Star Command, “I don’t need you to care enough to die for the Princess, just Lightyear who will take the shot you aim at me in order to save her from my dying blast.”
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The Missing Princess part 3: Temple of the Dino Men

In the last chapter of War Rocket: The Missing Princess, Captain Atrius rescued Princess Taegan from a fall to certain doom and carried her into the great caverns beneath the surface of the world Dormientes Draco, only to hear a terrible scream of strange barbaric sacrifice! What new Terrors await our Princess in Chapter 3, Temple of the Dino Men?

Down into the tunnels away from the burning wreckage of the mighty Class 3 rocket the Anzu and the mysterious Zenithian towers the Imperial survivors fled. While strange; howling; inhuman voices screeched and clamoured as great caverns were torn asunder by tumbling metal rock; further detonations and the fire of the Zenithian saucers.

Princess Taegan; Captain Atrius and the others ran deep into the labyrinthine red rock tunnels knowing that behind them Zenithian troops were descending to hunt them. Deep into the twisting tunnels they went, The Princess using the divisibility by two of the first letters of each stanza from an ancient poem written by her father millennia ago as a way to choose which path, left or right, to take till they hit a dead end – a tactic she’d often used when she needed to seem to be lost in a maze but need her and her troops to be able to find their way out.

Eventually they came to a large; round room carved by stone tools from the ancient rock. It had two levels and reminded them all so much of a gladiatorial arena that all had weapons drawn and at the ready before the first of the native troglodytic beings was seen. The first of the strange green-skinned Dino-men, with its frilled head and beaked mouth, died before it could fling its strange grenade. The second perished as its grenade went aloft while another beam caused the grenade to explode high above them! But the strange purple smoke that drifted down was a gas weapon! Yet, even as all the brave Imperial soldiers were driven unconscious by the gas they continued to kill every one of the attacking Dino-men as they appeared – ‘till finally the toughest of them all, Captain Atrius, succumbed to the mysterious gas…
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