Countdown To Raygun Blast!

It’s only days before the Retro Raygun rulebook is released!

And i’m pleased to say that several of those involved in the My War Rocket Blog have been able to contribute to the new infantry scale game. I, Bayne, was asked by Hydra to write fiction for the scenarios in the book and all my regular War Rocket players who had even a shred of free time; Taphyl, Commander Whitestar, Jason and Miriam have joined me as one of the playtest teams giving feedback to Hydra Miniatures and helping them to polish their excellent work. Taphyl especially contributed hugely to the feedback we were able to give Hydra from gameplay and balance to proofreading and rules explanation and Commander Whitestar also went above and beyond editing my fiction drafts whenever they were done at all hours of the night and day.

So keep your eye on the Hydra website because in just a short amount of days you’ll be able to bring your Retroverse Adventures to the ground as well as the skies and stars!


Awesome New Retro Raygun Battle Report

Greetings Rocketeers!
Tune your ‘Scopes in once again to the wavelength of the stalwart Commander Mudpie for another awesome pic-filled report of a scenario of the upcoming Retro Raygun game of infantry battles in the War Rocket Universe!

Thrill to sights of Galacteer squads battling to the death against cold heartless death-machines! Glimpse the cold diode-hearted Queen Mechanika as she directs her metal minions! Can the heroic Ace McGuire rescue Jane Hunter from the grasp of the iron men?