Countdown To Raygun Blast!

It’s only days before the Retro Raygun rulebook is released!

And i’m pleased to say that several of those involved in the My War Rocket Blog have been able to contribute to the new infantry scale game. I, Bayne, was asked by Hydra to write fiction for the scenarios in the book and all my regular War Rocket players who had even a shred of free time; Taphyl, Commander Whitestar, Jason and Miriam have joined me as one of the playtest teams giving feedback to Hydra Miniatures and helping them to polish their excellent work. Taphyl especially contributed hugely to the feedback we were able to give Hydra from gameplay and balance to proofreading and rules explanation and Commander Whitestar also went above and beyond editing my fiction drafts whenever they were done at all hours of the night and day.

So keep your eye on the Hydra website because in just a short amount of days you’ll be able to bring your Retroverse Adventures to the ground as well as the skies and stars!


A Glimpse into the FUTURE! Retro Raygun, the Companion Game to War Rocket

Hydra Miniatures, the people behind War Rocket, do not just leave the world of the Galacteers in that one scale.

Their miniatures line has another scale where Valkeeri and Galacteers may be found. Retro Raygun. So that you can use your favourite infantry rules to represent the Rocket Crews, Dashing Heroes, Menacing Troops and Fearsome Creatures of your War Rocket games for when you want to play out what happens when the rockets are on the ground or during those boarding actions and Princess Rescues.

The Retro Raygun miniature line though has some surprises, while it doesn’t yet have the Imperial, Space Pirate and Zenithian factions represented (hopefully future releases)  it has two other groups that may indicate future releases for War Rocket. The magnificently retro Robot Legion and in the Space Alien category we find the Slishians, tentacled non-humanoids.

Hydra also have a lovely other line called Primal Dawn with stone age dinosaur-people, bipedal ant-like creatures and walking plant-things which, other than being great for fnatasy-pre-history gaming would make wonderful native dangers on the many worlds that your Rockets might travel to, fight over and crashland upon.

But the people behind such a fantastic set of rules as War Rocket aren’t going to leave you jury-rigging the engines of other game systems and guesstimating the characteristics of each of the factions for long. They are working on a rules set for Retro Raygun and you can see images from some of the playtesting of a scenario that pits an invading force of Robots against a defended Galacteer position here on Comander Mudpie’s excellent blog.

I have a handful of Retro Raygun miniatures currently, my favourite that i have so far is the pointing Valkeeri leader, and Queen Mechanika of the Robot Legion is very much on my must-have list.

The elegant simplicity and sheer joy of War Rocket leaves me confidant that the Retro Raygun rules will be good. And the quality of the miniatures, as well as the lovely small portrait pics we have in the War Rocket rulebook, assure me that i will love the Zenithian and Imperial lines if/when they are released (Fingers crossed for a few more female miniatures for the Galacteers and some for the Imperium too.. I am of course hoping especially for a feisty Imperial Princess. Zenithians all being artificial clones may not have any sort of gender).

So if you want your Galacteers to fight their way through enemy-patrolled corridors to rescue that Princess, If you want your Valkeeri rocket to deploy troops to capture and enslave those weak but unavoidably essential human males from the town below, if you want to play out the details of the boarding actions and ground combats in the War Rocket universe or just want a miniature to represent your favourite Rocket Captain then the Retro Raygun line is there for you, and the official rules are coming.