Satellites Spy on Sleeping Dragon!

Note: Keen eyed viewers may notice that the script for this chapter was clearly intended to be broadcast before the proceeding piece, but we retain it here in original broadcast order

Galacteers! We have deployed a series of spy satellites to monitor both enemy activity and strange radiations in the system of Dormientes Draco. Alas it seems the Imperial fleet there doesn’t like us looking at the mess that macguffinite engine thing they took off the Zenithians is cooking up and especially that it will give us solid warning of any more imperial activity in the region, now they are on an intercept course.ย  It’s your job to stop them. The data from these satellites is crucial. Protect Those Satellites!

Alas Saturday I didnโ€™t end up playing War Rocket so Jason and in organised for a Tuesday game. So once again the wargame room of my local gamestore would be filled with the roar of atomic motors and the pew-pew of raygun beams.

I was especially excited to show off my solution for all the scratched paintwork my imperial rockets got from transport:


Imperial Agent's case carrying secret documents? No! Just my War Rocket fleet!

Imperial Agent’s case carrying secret documents? No! Just my War Rocket fleet!

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Making Some Satellites from Everyday Household Items

So I decided I really wanted some satellites for the scenario in the war rocket rulebook involving the Imperium out to destroy Galacteer early warning satellites in order to invade. But the trouble was… what to make them out of?

I had thought of something Sputnik like but my ideas seemed too fragile.

Then, my sweetheart pointed out something cool!

Raspberry goo

OK yes it’s sweet and raspberry tasting and in packaging that looks appropriate for zero-G eating but why is it relevant to making model satellites?
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Battle Over Sleeping Dragon’s Ice-teroid MacGuffinite Mine!

At last the secret of the Zenithians near-indestructible towers was revealed. Not defense installations but instead some mixture of advanced interdimensional technologies and the lost sciences of the ancient mysterious ruins that plague Dormientes Draco, the forgotten greatness of its now primitive inhabitants scared into superstitious regression by the horrors of advanced super-science unleashed foolishly upon themselves many millennia past driving them underground into the worlds cavern-riddled interior. Now, the riches uncovered, the powers of the galaxy raced to secure the prodigious quantities of the powerful fuel ingredient MacGuffinite these towers had exposed… and the Imperium still sought sign of the mysterious fate of the corageous and beloved Imperial Princess Taegan…

Once again I return to the Sleeping Dragon on a Saturday morning for the fun and excitement of War Rocket!

Following on from the Lost Episode that was the last game (I’ve lost the cord for the old camera so that report will turn up eventually hopefully) I got a brand new camera (in a nice shiny Imperial Red) to take some pics of the game, had my nails painted a nice old gold to match the rest of my colour scheme and went into battle once more against Jason’s noble Galacteers.

Yep i even painted my fingernails in an Imperial Gold to match my Rocket Fleet!

Yep I even painted my fingernails in an Imperial Gold to match my Rocket Fleet!

We decided on another hex-mat game so again we are using the store’s lovely Hotz mat. We flipped through the rulebooks scenarios and decided on the mining conflict, with towers instead of asteroid mines.

Jason's Galacteers in all their fully painted glory

Jason’s Galacteers in all their fully painted glory. Note the lovely effect of subtle star dots he’s painted on the bases!

And yes, even with a new digital camera I can still only take blurry pics.. ah well ๐Ÿ™‚
We also added some excellent asteroid fields to the table that Jason had brought along.

We also added some excellent asteroid fields to the table that Jason had brought along.

The strange towers drew the MacGuffinte ore up from the earth causing great floating ice-toroids to form about them in the desert sky!

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Rockets Return to Sleeping Dragon

The Imperial Gryphon’s interior was filled with the growling sounds of it’s thick layered hull flexing under the strains of the tremendous forces use to propel it through the cold skies of Dormientes Draco. The legendarily tough Imperial Rockets were each a master-crafted work of art whose hull and structure was designed to flex inn order to not become brittle. When it came to combat manoevers the Rocket would shriek and roar as the inner hull would grind and scrape against the outer hull and booms and girders twist and return to shape. Princess Taegan looked at the charts carefully, the Zenithians, usually a mobile enemy had started to construct defences around a large MacGuffinite deposit. While her forces were scattered a careful strike before the defences could be armed might mean far less losses than trying to take the site with a larger fleet.

She sank her curved dagger point into the chart.

“We strike now!”

Edit: This was drafted a couple weeks or so ago, however due to excessive busyness it’s only just being posted. Sorry for the delays and hopefully we’ll have some more up soon.

The holiday period had its share of troubles, not only was there a series of heatwaves and having to replace my laptop, the voyage home included 4 hours sitting on the side of the road during the heatwave when the car broke down trying to dodge large aggressive ants (metal greenhead ants and red bull ants) followed by an hour huddled in the hot car while a severe storm raged around with yellow and pink lightning blasting trees nearby.

So for a variety of reasons despite out intentions my brother and I didn’t get any further games of war rocket done over the holidays. I’m back home only briefly because i’m heading to Sydney to spend some time with my sweetheart (and co-editor of the Blog) and to see Dead Can Dance perform at the Opera House. During that time we hope to get some more War Rocket done and to get some more Galacteer content onto the blog. The local gamestore The Sleeping Dragon reopened after the holiday break this week so i took the most of the opportunity and went down this morning for another game.

Turnout at the store was low, but the University is still on holidays so a large part of the towns population is still absent. And a card-game tournament was taking place so most of the people there were caught up in that. But still i found one person wanting a game. Zack.

We went with the stores hexmat and i decided to use my Class III Gryphon so to keep the points equal the forces were:

The Class 3 Gryphon and Two Class 1 Scorpions

One Class 2 Beta-Z and Two Class 1 Alpha-Z’s

As we were using the martian style landscape mat i put a bunch of small yogurt stuff bottles which i’m going to be making into towers as some terrain. We decided the objective was for me to destroy the towers while the Zenithians were defending them. We decided they would be as gun emplacements but unarmed and would block line of sight so we’d have some LOS blocking terrain. We also decided on a 10 turn limit. We took turns placing towers on the battlefield then Zack placed the saucers.

The Saucers started scattered amidst the array of Towers set accross the landscape

The Saucers started scattered amidst the array of Towers set across the landscape

Being the slowest rocket my Clas III Gryphon moved first, coming in from the edge nearest the camera and heading straight for the tower nearest the edge. The two Scorpions went towards the next nearest tower to the right and the Saucers started heading towards my end of the table.

The Saucers rush to defend the towers

The Saucers rush to defend the towers

The Gryphon blasted the tower in front of it with its forward firing rayguns… and nothing happened. Clearly these were sturdier than the Zenithian Saucers themselves.

The Gryphon held position,the Zenithians flew in to try and intercept but my Scorpions swung away to lend their own firepower to this first tower. Realising that destroying all the towers with this small force would be pretty unfeasible and Zack showing good sportsmanship we also changed the impromptu victory conditions to my needing to destroy only 3 of the 5 towers within the 10 turns.

The towers are tougher than we estimated, Redeploy!

The towers are tougher than we estimated, Redeploy!

Of course the Scorpions didn’t make it this turn, again the Gryphon blasted the Tower with it’s forward beams.. and it held firm.

Next turn the Scorpions made it to the tower but so too did the Zenithians and while my Imperial forces concentrated their fire on the Tower the Zenithian class 2 Beta-Z let fly at my Class III Gryphon and got some return fire from the side gunner.

Note that the Saucer was hastily repositioned after the placing of blast markers after being knocked over and is in the wrong hex

Note that the Saucer was hastily repositioned after the placing of blast markers after being knocked over and is in the wrong hex

Atom-rays stream forth in all directions and destroy.. nothing.

Trusting to my armour i decide my whole fleet will stand strong ignoring the Zenithians to try to take down the tower while the Zenithians swarm in for the kill… my choice was made on some deliberation.. and having noticed that i couldn’t move my scorpions and shoot anything this turn so thought i may as well shoot the tower.

Surrounded by Saucers!

Surrounded by Saucers!

With all but one Class 1 saucer within range the Imperial armour was being sorely tested. And now the other side gunner had an opportunity to fine-tune his weapon… the Zenithian Saucer (that i had done a little test paintwork on) was blown to smithereens! But… on board one of my scorpions a raybeam found its way into a vital system and the Rocket became stunned as the crew sought to stem the flames or fix the short.

And still the tower stood!

The straggler saucer caught up with the rest going straight into action, the side gunner found another target and we all let fly…


Tragedy for the Empire! In one round of fire the stunned Scorpion was sent crashing to the surface and the other scorpion was sundered in mid-air as Zack rolled a 10!

Zack had suggested in an earlier turn i could move the Gryphon forward and use the tower to cover my unprotected tail which i didnt go with earlier because i needed the Gryphons forward guns to try and take the tower down. This turn i thought that without my scorpions i would have to, but we hadn’t decided at the start whether the towers would block movement as well as LOS so i suggested we should roll on it with a 50/50 chance. Zack did the roll and it determined we could fly over the towers which is the only way i could get the tower to my back in one turn. So with the Gryphons back to the wall and guns blazing to all sides i bid the Zenithians onward into my guns.

Beset from all sides the Imperial Class 3 Gryphon makes a valiant stand

Beset from all sides the Imperial Class 3 Gryphon makes a valiant stand

But alas, plagued by 2s on my dice not another saucer fell and the proud Gryphon was stunned, and then in the turn that immediately followed was destroyed!

With the Zenithian tower still standing the saucermen have secured a large amount of the MacGuffinite of Dormientes Draco, and worse Princess Taegan is missing, stranded or perhaps even captured by the saucers. And it was a great fun game. Clearly gun emplacements are to be feared as their defence is the same as a class 1 Imperial or most factions class 2s but also ignore stun results making them noticably tougher.

Awesome New Retro Raygun Battle Report

Greetings Rocketeers!
Tune your ‘Scopes in once again to the wavelength of the stalwart Commander Mudpie for another awesome pic-filled report of a scenario of the upcoming Retro Raygun game of infantry battles in the War Rocket Universe!

Thrill to sights of Galacteer squads battling to the death against cold heartless death-machines! Glimpse the cold diode-hearted Queen Mechanika as she directs her metal minions! Can the heroic Ace McGuire rescue Jane Hunter from the grasp of the iron men?

War Rocket Battle at Planet X

And this time we have photos!

Finally my Imperail dice (a gemini red and purple d10 with gold letters from Chessex dice) gets shown

Finally my Imperial dice (a gemini red and purple d10 with gold letters from Chessex dice) gets shown

So as it’s christmas time i’m spending the holiday period with family.
My brother Rohin is actually one of the reasons i play war rocket, as it was he who first pointed out Hydra Miniatures website and range to me. While he’s not much into the miniature hobby these days while he was he kept much more of an eye on the smaller miniature companies and ranges so has often been able to point me in the direction of ranges that fit my interests, so when i was talking about old scifi styles and discussing scifi serials and early tv shows he linked me to Hydra, and though it was over a year before i finally had the combination of money, focus, time and the mood for trying a new game (with monsterpocalypse drying up and my Tyranid army reaching a size that doesn’t need much more expanding except for new releases and wanting another fast and agile game without current 40ks huge unwieldy armies) that led to me diving headlong into the game we’d been talking about the superb miniatures for a long time.

So of course getting to spend some time with my brother in the offline world (though we are regularly online in the superhero MMO world of Champions Online) i just had to get him to give War Rocket a try! ๐Ÿ™‚ The day was far too hot for wargaming in the kitchen so we had been in the loungeroom in front of the cooler playing videogames and well into the night we were preparing to watch a dvd when a storm blew up as it often does around here (last year there was a magnificent storm full of huge arcs and forks of bright pink lightning!) so we had to unplug the sensitive electrics, so despite the late hour to start we decided it was an ideal time for his first game of War Rocket!

He was tempted by both Zenithians and Space Pirates but decided to try the Zenithians. Because i currently only have 1 class 2 and 3 class 1 Zenithians we went with those and a matching Imperial force for me.

Remembering that he’d given me his old 3.1 megapixel digital camera and he had a nice shiny high-powered one we both grabbed a camera each and took some pics.

Oh my goodness! A pic on the blog taken with a decent camera!

The battlefield was to be quite nostalgic, being played on the dining room table, a big old cedar table that was originally Grandma’s under which i used to play when i was tiny and which was also the first table i wargamed upon in my early teens. So we shifted the tea set and other stuff off to one side and put one of my corsec planets on the table (i really need to figure out how to paint them soon) and he suggested using a tiny old brass incense burner as a space station orbiting the planet. Planet X he declared it was “because every planet is called Planet X!”

So laughing from the start i explained the movement system and other basic rules and we began. Against the Zenithians my Raptor, the slowest rocket on the table, would always be moving first and the zenithians class 2 moves along with the clas 1s. So i moved up my class 2 and then it was Rohin’s turn to move his whole force onto the table… with a delightful ‘earth vs the flying saucers’ mockery wobble and an excellent impersonation of a theremin his forces headed towards the planet! And i cracked up some more! So we started with our rockets in quite nice neat formation, then on to the next turn.


Enemy sighted!

The Imperial Raptor in all it's glory (and a couple of paint scratches i need to fix up)

The Imperial Raptor in all it’s glory (and a couple of paint scratches i need to fix up)

After the Raptor started to head to the planets left I moved two of my class 1 Scorpions to support it and the third to the right (against the Zenithians i figured that i should try a notion i’d been pondering for a while of trying to have my scorpions moving in a kind of mirrored s-curve snaking attack pattern to try and have some rockets covering the tails of the others with the Raptor covering the flanks, an attack pattern i’m calling ‘the hydra’ appropriately enough… but of courseย  this neat idea somewhat fell apart as i reacted to the movement of the saucers in the next turn.


Preparing to hit the enemy from both sides…

The opposing fleets make contact and…. the order phase dice-off leaves me at the saucers mercy hardly able to strike back! They focus on the Raptor with one strike on the Scorpion that was on it’s own The atomic rays project.. and the scorpion is stunned! It’s pilot desperately trying to seal a leak off of the oxygen or a dangerous overload in the reactor so the rocket is drifting unable to move or fight for a turn, vulnerable.

So much for Plan A!

So much for Plan A!
Also note the transparent green d10, my dedicated Zenithian d10

A nice dramatic shot of the action!

A nice dramatic shot of the action!

Again i had to try and cover where the saucers might go (and thus ensure they wouldn’t be there) and get myself into a good position for the next turn. I kept the Raptor stationary to take a delayed action turn if a target didn’t present itself and rather than pour fire into the stunned scorpion one class 1 Alpha-z shifted just a little out of my arcs to blast it again while the rest of the saucers stayed in behind the Raptor to try and overwhelm the toughest Imperial rocket.

The Saucers close in the Imperial Raptor!

The Saucers close in on the Imperial Raptor!

Both rockets survived! And the Imperial forces swept in to strike! The Raptor used the delayed action phase to leap in and blast one of the saucers, but the gunner must have been over-eager or the saucer pilot too good at dodging and the attack did nothing.

A great move.. but the dice did not approve.

A great move.. but the dice did not approve.

Everyone wheeled into attack positions and we ended up with a neat line-up, though the Raptor wasn’t able to get to the action. We divied up the blasts concentrating as best we could.. the Imperial weathered the atomic storm due to the thickness and extravagance of it’s heavy precious-metal armour, but the agile, fragile, zenithian craft was sundered!




The clone-troops of the extra-dimensional invasion went in for revenge sweeping in behind one of the scorpions and covering it in an overload of their energy beams. The rocket wasn’t destroyed but it was stunned! Tumbling out of control!

They're on my tail! They're on my tail!

They’re on my tail! They’re on my tail!

Again i lost the order phase roll. While the scattered imperial rockets began to regroup and follow the ultra-agile saucers to the other side of Planet X they swept to the flank of the drifting Scorpion well out of range of the nearest active atom-projector and mercilessly and methodically with overwhelming atomic energy undid the craftsmanship of it’s construction!

Hold on, we're on our way! Hold on!... oh damn.

Hold on, we’re on our way! Hold on!… oh damn.

So the toll on each side was even now, and the very late hour was starting to take it’s toll as the yawning had begun. The Zenithians kept up the attack, with ‘woo-woo’ noises accompanying their movement they blasted into the flank of the Raptor.. but again it’s thick master-crafted armor shrugged off the barrage.

Again the Zenithians blast the Raptor point-blank with all they can and again the mighty rocket endures!

Again the Zenithians blast the Raptor point-blank with all they can and again the mighty rocket endures!

Being both sleepy we contemplated at what point to finish up, but we decided at least one more turn was needed, so we decided to go on.

The Raptor sat still, if it was going to get to strike it’d be with a delayed action phase if the game went another turn after this one. The Saucers went next and moved well behind the Raptor out of range and facing towards my approach! (a very good move on my brothers part, and i complimented him on it) The devious inhuman fiends!

My scorpions were willing to brave the incoming rays from the defensively positioned saucers. I swooshed them past the stationary Raptor and headlong into the guns of the saucermen, staying neatly out of the higher firepower of the class 2 Beta-z and the 4 class 1 rockets traded blows each concentrating on one of the enemy.

Trading final blows for the outcome of the battle...

Trading final blows for the outcome of the battle…

We decided the damage phase should determine the outcome of the game, in hindsight this had me in a good position with my higher armour and so better odds. Simultaneously our dice tumbled across the table….. Double Stun!

Traveler DC 140

A draw!

A most appropriate ending for a fun late-night game. Presumably some sort of dangerous cosmic conditions rendered the fight unable to be continued and each force towed their disabled rocket out of the system or abandoned it to cosmic forces to regroup, reinforce and fight again when conditions were favourable. Whats is this cosmic force, what secret is held by the mysterious Planet X… we’ll try and make one up for the next game ๐Ÿ˜€

A nice shot of the class 1 Zenithian Alpha-z. with a (scratched) white undercoat. I really need to paint these up!

A nice shot of the class 1 Zenithian Alpha-z. with a (scratched) white undercoat. I really need to paint these up!

And a great pic of my painted Imperial Class 1 Scorpions

And a great pic of my painted Imperial Class 1 Scorpions

Another great fun game even though we got too sleepy to run it to the last rocket soaring!

Another Draft Scenario: The Stolen Rocket aka Which One’s Our Hero?

Having fought through the Valley of the Terror-Dactyls and defeated the dread sky-beast of Volcanopolis our fearless hero and their companions are returning back to base with the enemies vital secret plans in a stolen enemy rocket. But what’s this? An enemy fleet heading right at the base to destroy it? What else is there to do but to join the enemy fleet untill the right moment to strike.. but will their friends back at base realise whose side they are on?

Continuing my, all as yet utterly untested, series of serial-style scenario ideas for War Rocket is another classic notion, that of the hero in the stolen ship and the danger they face from their friends as well as their foes as they try to change the tide of battle and carry out a vital mission.

We have to get these plans back to base, if there is a base left to get back to…
Moderate or Mild amount of terrain
This may take place in a planets atmosphere or in space. A counter or model of a fortress, perhaps it’s a building or an asteroid or it may be a spot on a moon or planet (in which case use a counter on the appropriate side so everyone knows where on the moon or planet it is). This should be in the centre line positioned 1/3rd of the way from the defending players table edge.

An attack fleet? Let them come, our guns will answer them!
Players decide on a mutually acceptable points value
The defender may spend up to half their points on gun emplacements
The attacker gains an extra 25 construction points (the value of a class 2 rocket and a gallant captain)

Wait till they are in range then launch all squadrons!
The defender may place their gun emplacements if there are any anywhere on the board they wish, though they will probably want some within 6 inches/3 hexes of the fortress (see below). The defender then may deploy any or all of their force. However they may leave some (or even all) in reserve, these reserves may launch from the base at any turn moving off from the base in the order step appropriate for their class.. it is a base after all. Once the defender has deployed all the rockets they intend to then the game starts, the attackers move their rockets on from their table edge.

Special Rules:

The Fortress
Your new home away from home space cadets.
The Fortress doesn’t cost any points. The Fortress is built deep inside an asteroid, deep underground, or is built entirely from nearindestructanium and would take more than even a fleets firepower to destroy directly so it must be taken on foot, the Fortress can only be taken by boarding and it counts as stunned only if there are no undestroyed gun emplacements within 6 inches/3 hexes.

The Stolen Rocket

Who has shot?
None of ours would shoot on their own people!
One of the attackers class 1 or 2 rockets will turn out to be actually one of the defenders heros in a stolen machine, neither the attacker or defender will know which it is till they reveal themselves. Because of course the hero won’t be shooting their own people it will be important to keep track of which rocket has shot and which hasn’t so the attackers class 1 and 2 rockets should start the game with a counter (maybe a little piece of torn paper if none are handy) whenever a class 1 or 2 rocket fires after placing the hit counters then remove the hasn’t-fired-yet counter

If the attacker is attempting to attack with all of or the remainder of the class 1 and 2 rockets that haven’t yet shot then before they remove the haven’t-fired-yet counters as this forces the defenders hand the defender must nominate a rocket as the hero and roll as detailed below, once the stolen rocket has been identified remove that rockets attack counter (as they have deliberately missed of course!). However do not remove any hits if there are any from the defender on the stolen rocket! In this case either the defender will have to not shoot back at all so they don’t shoot down their hero or they will have to shoot the enemy and just hope they don’t shoot down the hero!

Who is who?
Wait, that’s them! Don’t shoot! That’s them!
At any turn in any phase the defender may decide the hero is making their move, the defender should nominate a class 1 or 2 enemy rocket that has not yet shot, if more than one rocket has not yet shot then roll a d10, on a 10 the first nominated rocket is the stolen rocket, if not the defender may nominate another class 1 or 2 rocket that has not yet shot and the roll to see if it is the stolen rocket has a cumulative +1 bonus so the target is a 9 or 10, this continues to accumulate +1 per nomination until either the defender is successful or there is only one class 1 or 2 rocket which has not yet shot left in which case that is the stolen rocket. This rocket now changes side and works for the defender, it also gains the Gallent Captain customisation

The Secret Plans
Many good agents died to get the plans for this secret weapon
To deliver the secret plans the stolen rocket must dock with the base for one turn, however the base hanger has a special forcefield or huge nearindestructanium doors or the entrance is inside the mouth of a huge stone statue making it hard to hit a docked rocket so rockets docked/docking ignore the first two hit counters they receive each dmage phase. After docking and unloading the secret plans the stolen rocket can return to the fight!

What price Victory?
A moments silence for their brave sacrifice
There are really two battles at once here, and it’s entriely possible for a side to win one and lose the other.
If the attacker returns having (apparently) killed (as always favourite heros survive cliffhanger endings and the best villains always return) or captured the enemies hero and prevented the defender getting the secret plans then even if they didn’t destroy the base their masters will be quite pleased, while even if the hero escapes with the plans the destruction of such an important base is enough to consider it still a victory as it was what the fleet was originally ordered to accomplish. So rather than counting it a draw if one goal is achieved just count it both as having a win if each side achieves one goal and a double win or double loss otherwise.

Choosing when the hero should make their move will be difficult for the defender, do it too early and the hero will be amidst the enemy and shot to pieces, wait too late and their own side may shoot them down or forego needed shooting to avoid taking them out.

Hopefully this should give a tense and exciting game. I do wonder if perhaps a turn limit might be an idea to make attempts to storm the fortress even more tense even if the defenders have lost all their rockets and gun emplacements. Or whether the attacker should receive 50 points instead of 25. I’ll have to get around to testing these scenarios to figure it out. If anyone else tries these please do give some feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishlisting about future Hydra releases

Hydra is a small company, so understandably they release things at a slower pace than the big companies and so have a smaller range. So i totally expect much of what i am about to list to be unfeasable and most is likely unrealistic. It’s just about what i’d love to see come out for War Rocket and Retro Raygun with little regard to practicality, which is of course what wishlisting is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

War Rocket:

* Gun Emplacements (small resin dome like an astronomical observatory with some retro scifi detailing that should fit any faction with a choice of three sizes of metal raygun barrels, the two unused would be great for customising rockets)

* A Freighter for each faction,

* A (civilian/slave/troop) Transport Rocket for each faction

* Custom Rocket Conversion Kit (simple small pieces to add to rockets that are easy to glue to any spare surface on a rocket such as existing class 4 gun turrets, Galacteer wing thrusters, Imperial thrusters, some generic nozzles, guns, ramspikes)

* War Rocket scale Rocket Troops (3+ 6mm scale figures in flying pose attached to a base by long plumes of smoke to use as a counter to show a rocket is under Rocket Troop attack)

* Zenithian Mothership Conversion Kit (Zenithian style decorative pieces such as rocket exhaust ports, guns, generators, domes, docking port etc to turn any plastic plate, bowl, frisbee or similar into a Zenithian Mothership)

* Space Station Detail Kit (some more generic retro scifi detail pieces similar to mothership idea to make it easy to build space stations from common household items like plastic bottles and plastic jars or blocks of balsa or polystyrene etc)

* Imperial decorative kit (several small art-deco dragon-gryphons, dragon-gryphon snarling heads and tower-tops for decorating home-made Imperial towers,ย  ziggurats, bases stations and gun turrets, and could even be put on a class 3 or 4 rocket)

* Big retro-scifi Space/Flying Monster/s

* Terror-Dactyls ๐Ÿ˜€

* Mysterious Derelict (Class 3 size resin and metal Rocket of a generic style, with significant damage and showing a little exposed internal detail from a rent in its hull, that attaches to the stand at an angle to look more floating)

* Space Torpedos in the cool war rocket retro styling

Retro Raygun:

* Emperor Marduk himself

* Imperial Vassal Troops, these would be figures in Imperial uniforms both male and at least one female, with seperate heads and optional back pieces some with tails to make: Dragon-Men (Dragonish head, wings-and-tail backpiece), Worm-men (worm head, worm tail), Cat-Men (cat head, cat tail), Ape-Men (ape head) and generic backpacks for those that don’t have special ones. These could be got with one of each head/back variation in a pack or packs of all the same sort.

* Galacteer Alien Recruits, as above and compatible with above with Galacteer uniforms both male and at least one female and compatible with the above to make: Lion-men (lion head, tail), Bird-men (Head, Wings), Frog-Men (head), Squid-men (head)

* Animal-men part packs for mixing and matching

* Imperial Princess (of course ๐Ÿ™‚ )

* Imperial Commander

* Imperial Troops

* Imperial Guards (more ornately garbed Imperial bodyguards for high-ranking leaders and specialย  characters)

* Imperial Rocket-Troops (attached to base by plume of smoke resin piece)

* Several ferocious Alien Pets (such as bat-winged serpent, unicorn-horned big-cat, big retro style Alex Raymondish lizard, strange floating furry thing, deceptively cute baby dragon)

* Galacteer Women Troops (as not only wont they let the men get all the fun, they sure wont let the Valkeeri just waltz in and steal all the best looking men either, and many women will be immune to the Valkeeri charms, so a few more non-character Galacter women would be nice to mix through the current guys)

* Zenithians

* Zenithian Androids (robots of a different style to the legion)

* Zenithian Infiltrators (pod-people! Pod-People!)

* Valkeeri’s enslaved men servants

* Princess for Rescuing (should come in three poses, one in chains still captured, one escaping in running pose, one looking all regal for escort rather than rescue missions)

* Prince for Rescuing (because it’s not always Princesses that need rescuing, because romantic love interests might be princes or princesses, because if you are rescuing royalty captured by the Valkeeri they are much more likely to have taken the Prince than the Princess etc, poses as above)

* Galacteer, Imperial and Valkeeri civilian packs, (VIPs, scientists, common citizens etc)

* Hostages (a Galacteer, an Imperial and a Valkeeri civilian in chains handcuffs or tied up)

* Space Pirates

* Space Pirate Veterans

* pdfs of floor plans for the interior of class 2-4 rockets of each faction for retro raygun games to be played on.

The Extreme:

* 3d-printed retro raygun scale class 1 and 2 rockets for people to have to fight their way to or from or around or just to hang from their ceiling or decorate their desks/shelves/store windows

* custom war-rocket dice with an explosion for the 10 and the logo from the main rulebook page numbers for the 1 and an appropriate font for the remaining numbers

* plastic bubble-dome helmeted troops

*bubble-dome helmeted brain with a humanoid robot body and one with just a flying mechanism body

* Zenithian Cloning Tank (clear plastic in metal frame tank holding growing baby Zenithian hanging from top of tank by umbilical [Rafm and Black Cat Bases have similar things but i have no idea how easy it is to source the plastic for the tubes and it’d be an objective or scenery so i’m putting it in this section])

* 3d printed lifesize raygun pistols from the game

Another Draft Scenario: The Prisoner

Following on from my, still as yet untested, valley of the terror-dactyls scenario i’ve been thinking more about other serial-style scenarios that could work well in war rocket.

So here is my latest draft idea

The Prisoner

Setting the scene:
Last week our fearless hero and their faithful companions managed to capture the fearsome 2nd in command of the enemy forces. They head now for the prison station Van Dieman unaware that an enemy fleet is on an intercept course bent on rescuing their officer meanwhile the cunning prisoner is working on an escape plan of their own! Will they get the drop on our fearless hero?

Terrain: Any. Whatever suits both players

Forces: Any of equal points. However the player starting holding the prisoner must use a counter to show which rocket holds the prisoner, it should be a class 2, 3 or 4 rocket and should be prestigious, meaning that if the player is fielding any custom rockets the prisoner should be on one of the custom rockets.

Galacteer Comander Says: I have plenty of faith in my rookie captains but i’m not about to take chances on a captive this important or this dangerous, i’m keeping an eye on them myself!

Set-up: The mission is one of interception, the player starting with the prisoner chooses one table corner to be their starting point. In the first turn all their fleet moves on from this corner. Their objective is to take the prisoner off the opposite corner of the table. The Rescuers objective is to rescue the prisoner and return them back off the table corner they were brought in from. For the first turn they are alone on the battlefield. Starting turn two the rescuing fleet’s ships may enter from any point on the table edge that is no further behind the first fleet than the rearmost rocket (so they can enter from beside the fleet but not behind it).

Zenithian Comander Says: Obtaining specimens of the ‘Leader’ varieities is at times less difficult than transporting them to a place of detailed examination. Do not relax vigilence or we may face attempts to prevent us from examining this ones brain for the crucial formula needed for the McGuffinator device to work properly in this space/time.

Special rules: Both sides want the prisoner alive so any attack made against the rocket carrying the prisoner must be a strike to stun only. Rules for the prisoner follow

The Prisoner
Lookout they have a raygun!
The prisoner has a concealed miniature raygun or similar weapon they have had all along or pick-pocketed from a guard and during a moment of confusion they will strike! If the rocket carrying the prisoner is boarded the boarding forces get +10% to their attempt due to the assistance of the prisoner. If the rocket is stunned by a rocket which is destroyed in the same turn, by damage from an asteroid field or landing attempt where a boarding action is not imminent the prisoner will try and capture the rocket themselves! Treat this as a boarding action as if from a class 2 rocket as the desperation of the prisoner lends them strength and as they catch their captors off-guard. However, if the prisoner suceeds this action by themselves they gain control of the rocket! This rocket now is under the control of the enemy until it is successfully re-boarded.

Valkeeri Commander Says: Whatever the enemy you can be sure they will be too distracted to give as gorgeous a creature as one of my officers a truly effective search. It’s never difficult to keep at least one weapon within reach for the right moment.

Rescued/Escaped Prisoner
The Tables Have Turned Mua-Ha-HaHaHaaaaaaa
Once rescued or having managed to take over the captors rocket the prisoner will take a prisoner or prisoners of their own! So if the prisoner counter is moved to a rescuing rocket or the captor rocket has changed hands whatever rocket has the prisoner counter remains subject to the Prisoner special rule! In this manner a stolen rocket may be retaken by their own captive crew or multiple boarding actions might see the prisoners changing hands repeatedly with each prisoner assisting the boarding action.

Imperial Commander Says: Now you are all my prisoners and i’m sure Princess Taegan and Emperor Marduk will be pleased when i return with both you and your rocket in my power! Mua-Ha-HaHaHaaaaaa!

Victory Conditions: The game ends as soon as the captive is taken off either corner of the table. If through excessive risk taking the rocket carrying the prisoner is destroyed (spending too much time in asteroid fields, eaten by Terror-Dactyls etc) then both sides immediately lose.

Space Pirate Commander Says: You are Number Six…

Note that if it’s a campaign game that prisoners in rockets that are destroyed are subject to the additional rule:

Cliffhanger escape!
But i swear we saw them die last week!
In any campaign, like any serial, the favourite heros and villains always manage to come back. They leap from the rocket at the last minute before the crash, they only pretended to be shot when the gun missfired or missed, they were only mildly electrocuted, the person who died was actually someone/something else disguised as them, they had secretly made themselves immune to fire/disintegration/bullets earlier using their scientific genius, they did die but got revived by a revivatron-ray machine or with the sacred gasses in the temple of the mysterious cave-dwelling tribe on the planet/moon/asteroid below.ย  If a character dies it is the owning players choice whether or not they are actually dead. If the player is unable to decide whether or not the character should live they may allow their opponent to choose (who doesn’t have a favourite villain?) the player may also choose to allow a games audience or refereee to decide via vote (thumbs up and thumbs down hand gestures of course!) or put it to the whim of a dice roll.

Checking the Ships Inventory

Another parcel arrived at my partners place today so here is what we’ve got to start off with:

From Hydra we have of course the war rocket rulebook,
3 class 1s of each faction
1 class 2 of each faction (though i have a 2nd imperial class 2 it’s one of the few of the little ones with any assembly needed and i only glued one together so far)
Each of them very well-made and a delight ๐Ÿ™‚

For dice i just grabbed a handful of d10s from my dice box, after all each player will only need one dice. Yep, thats all!

For counters, which make up what little record keeping the magnificently simple game uses I went with some Litko stuff that Milsims had in stock

For the hit counters for the delightfully elegant damage system i grabbed these
For the Stun counters we’re using these
And i also grabbed these too from mayday games and i think at least four of them i’ll be making into earrings ๐Ÿ™‚ (one pair in yellow and another painted pink) eventually in big games it can be handy to have a different counter for stuns received from delayed actions (those stuns last longer)
Finally for delayed actions we went with these

The game is actually so simple i mainly bought the counters just cause it’ll look cool. There’s far less need for them than games i often play without counters anyway like warhammer 40,000, though i have been adding home-made counters to match my 40,000 tyranid army just for coolnesses sake and the counters will make war rocket easier for the non-wargamers i’ll be introducing to it over the next few weeks. After they arrived in the mail i must say i adore the litko counters especially the standing mini blasts and i might get some more for specific scenarios.

Unboxed just today is some planets from Corsecย  to make some planets and a moon for terrain. They look quite nifty and now i must decide whether to just paint them or try and make some planetary texture first. I’m thinking some garden rocks might do for asteroids for now.

Lastly is the playing field. Well with the budget running dry i couldn’t spring for one of the awesome corsec starmats (at least for now) so a plastic black tablecloth will do.

Hopefully tonight we’ll have our first game. My partner has taken quite a liking to the noble Galacteers, humanities best and brightest, and i while loving every single design in the range thus far do have my favourites in the Imperial rockets, a somewhat-mesopotamian empire with a definate art deco aspect to their rockets! I’m sure that i’ll have plenty of opportunities for megalomaniacal evil laughter!